Obama Advisor David Axelrod Slams Biden for Boasting about Economy: ‘Drives Me Crazy’

One of Barack Obama’s closest allies has openly blasted Democrat President Joe Biden for repeatedly boasting about his economy while Americans struggle under his so-called “Bidenomics” policies.

David Axelrod, Obama’s former long-time political strategist and senior advisor, is sharing some candid criticism of Biden’s re-election message.

However, the comments from Axelrod come even as Obama himself gives his blessing to Biden’s message, at least publicly.

Axelrod confessed that it drives him “crazy” when Biden starts bragging about the economy, as Americans continue to struggle with crushing inflation.

Biden’s boasts on this subject are a regular topic of criticism, with many calling Biden’s tone out of touch.

Most Democrats, however, are falling in line, including Biden’s “former” boss Obama.

At a recent Manhattan fundraiser for celebrities and elitists, Obama praised Biden’s “ground-breaking” record on the economy.

Obama echoed Biden’s spurious claims about creating millions of new jobs.

However, the vast majority of those “gains” were the rehiring of workers whose jobs were lost during the pandemic.

“From record-breaking job growth to expanding health care coverage, @JoeBiden has spent each and every day working on behalf of the American people,” Obama said in a post on X.

“I can’t say the same about the guy running against him.”

While Obama is staying on message like a good party man, Axelrod is concerned that Biden’s rhetoric about an economic “miracle” could backfire with poor and working-class voters.

“I wouldn’t go out there and extol the miracle of the Biden economy,” Axelrod told Bill Kristol’s podcast.

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“It just drives me crazy when he does that.”

While inflation has slowed since peaking in 2022, wages have not kept pace, making life more expensive for most Americans.

Housing is particularly unaffordable for many buyers, leaving the American dream out of reach.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is sounding a cautious tone about cutting interest rates.

Axelrod noted that Biden’s bragging undercuts his carefully cultivated image as an “empathetic” child of the working class.

“Bottom line, be more like Joe from Scranton and less like President Biden from Washington,” Axelrod said.

“Because those are the voters, Bill, who are going to decide this election.

“Working class people, black, white and Hispanic, who are very much scuffling still in an economy that has improved.”

According to Politico, Biden has used a cuss word to describe Axelrod in private.

Axelrod previously suggested that Biden consider dropping out of the November election.

However, Axelrod’s comments have angered Democrats who have ignored Biden’s age and mental health issues to march in lockstep behind him.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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