Obama Tries to Drag Skeleton from Trump’s Closet, Gets Humiliated: ‘My Successor Didn’t Seem to Care That Much’

Barack Obama dragged what he thought was a skeleton from President Donald Trump’s closet but it backfired in ways Obama does not yet understand.

Obama went to Australia for some high-paid gigs where he made the astounding claim that Trump didn’t care about a rules-based international system and that gave rise to China.

America remembers it was Donald Trump who cracked down on China and it was Donald Trump who called out Bush, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Romney, and the rest for selling us out to China.

Trump said correctly in 2019 about China’a rise: “They took advantage of us for many, many years.

“And I blame us, I don’t blame them. I don’t blame President Xi.

“I blame all of our presidents and not just President Obama.

“You go back a long way. You look at President Clinton, Bush — everybody.

“They allowed this to happen, they created a monster.

“We rebuilt China because they get so much money,” he said.

The facts are on Trump’s side and maybe to hide his shame, Obama tried to pivot and blame Trump.

Talking with former Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, Obama said China began to change “once I left office” in 2017.

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He said: “With my successor coming in, I think he saw an opportunity because the U.S. president didn’t seem to care that much about a rules-based international system.

“And so as a consequence, I think China’s attitude as well, we can take advantage of what appears to be a vacuum internationally on a lot of these issues.”

Biden ended the debate about who was to blame for China: Trump who was in government for four years or Obama, Biden, Clinton, McConnell, etc who have been in government their entire lives when he kept Trump’s China tariffs.

Biden would not have followed the new direction Trump set for this nation if it was the wrong way to go. Believe me, Biden hates that Trump gets credit for that.

But Biden expanded on Trump’s get-tough approach and has made it a national security issue to bring chip plants home.

He wouldn’t do that if Trump was wrong and Obama was right.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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