Obituaries Citing ‘Sudden’ & ‘Unexpected’ Deaths Skyrocket

The number of obituaries that cite “sudden” and “unexpected” deaths has skyrocketed since 2021, a new study has found.

Steve Connolly, an Iraq War combat veteran, teamed up with a data expert to conduct the study.

Connolly said he was horrified by all the death and dying around him.

However, Connolly wasn’t referring to the Iraq killing fields.

Starting in 2021, after the COVID-19 vaccines rolled out, Connolly said he was overwhelmed by the “sudden deaths” in his Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

Connolly is a 61-year-old disabled vet and retired social worker who cared for the most severe and violent mentally ill patients in Massachusetts.

He said the formerly routine AA meetings became scenes of more suffering and carnage than he’d ever witnessed in war or among “the worst of the worst” in mental hospitals.

“In all of my time, I’ve never seen this many people that I know dropping dead in this span of time,” Connolly said.

Verne was in his 70s, relatively healthy and stable, Connolly said, “coughing on a Sunday, dead on Monday.”

Big Rob was in his 30s, a little obese, and “died from myocarditis.”

Allie was in her 30s, a heavy girl, but healthy.

“She got the jab, then had serious gallbladder issues and had it removed.

“She was found dead when she didn’t show up for work.”

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A physician in AA, known as Dr. Michael, debated Connolly about the Covid mRNA injections.

“I tried to explain it to him,” Connolly recalled.

“He didn’t believe me.

“Two weeks later, he got the booster.

“He died from a heart attack a few days later.

“Then they killed my friend, and I started to investigate.”

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Connolly, driven by anger and pain over the unexplained scourge of deaths, relayed how he pored over “thousands and thousands and thousands” of obituaries.

Connolly’s vast study sought to record the number of deaths that were described as “sudden” or “unexpected” by the families of dead people.

To gather the data, Connolly used information on, which published all public obituaries from all local newspapers across the country.

The study discovered that deaths reported as “sudden” or “unexpected” soared by more than 62% across the U.S. after the rollout of the Covid mRNA vaccines.

The data shows obituaries dating back to 2015.

The number of “sudden” or “unexpected” deaths was falling slightly each year until 2019 when it was at 37,374.

However, in the Covid year of 2020, the number rose slightly to 49,068.

In 2021, the figure skyrocketed to 79,858 people who died “suddenly” or “unexpectedly” that year.

The number appears to fall in 2023, but the data doesn’t show the full year and only shows obituary information up to August 21, 2023.


Connolly’s data trove was assembled with the help of Massachusetts systems engineer and vaccine-death investigator John Beaudoin Sr.

The results from the study match to a remarkable degree the unprecedented rise in U.S. excess deaths and disabilities in government data reported by former BlackRock hedge-fund manager Edward DowdDr. Pierre Kory, and others, Kory said.

Kory is president of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

He treats COVID-19-vaccine-injured patients in his practice.

The doctor has written extensively calling for the government, insurance companies, public health officials, and major media to acknowledge and investigate the catastrophic health crisis of excess deaths and disabilities striking not just the U.S. but all countries where the mRNA injections were rolled out on a massive scale.

Writing on his Substack, Kory is raising the alarm over Connolly’s data.

“For those of us already fully aware of the massive excess deaths caused by the mRNA vaccines, it is difficult to be impressed with new data sources proving same,” Kory wrote.

“I thought the EMS data I posted yesterday was shocking,” Kory wrote.

But Connolly’s “charts of his findings are beyond compelling and deserve wider sharing.”

“It’s uncanny,” Connolly said.

“I go to an AA meeting every day and people are dying around me, people I know and don’t know.

“Almost every meeting has new people talking about their relatives dying or having a stroke or another ailment like Guillain-Barré [syndrome] or heart attack.

“It’s unusual now that a medical event hasn’t befallen someone.”

When he hears the tragic stories, Connolly says, “I just point to my arm with my finger.”

Commenting on his study with Connolly, vaccine death investigator Beaudoin said, “The results are staggering and incontrovertible.”

He called Connolly’s data “strong pragmatic evidence, corroborative of the insurance data highlighted by Ed Dowd, that there is a public health emergency manifesting in an astronomical increase in sudden fatalities since 2021.”

“Something is very wrong with public health beginning not in the COVID year of 2020, but rather upon deployment of the transfecting gene therapy drug the government calls a ‘vaccine’ in 2021,” Beaudoin said.

“This is an alarming trend that cannot be unseen.”

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