OnlyFans Model Vows to Publish New Naked Pictures of Prince Harry

OnlyFans model Carrie Royale is threatening to sell never-before-seen photos that she says she took of Prince Harry naked at a wild Las Vegas party.

She vowed to post them on her OnlyFans adult subscription site.

“I have some nice ­pictures of him in the buff,” she teased.

Royale claims she kissed the British prince after she was invited to join strippers and other guests in a Wynn Hotel suite in 2012.

Harry, then 27, had been drinking all day.

He was spotted­ ­playing air guitar naked with a pool cue before having a game of strip billiards with his female guests.

Photos of a naked Harry being hugged by a scantily-clad woman were published in the UK’s Sun newspaper in 2012 after they were widely shared online.

Royale, 52, says she has more that have never been seen, however.

She has vowed to put them on the pay-per-view section of her OnlyFans site, which carries the logo of a royal crest.

“These pictures have never been seen by the public,” she says.

“I have poolside pictures of before the night and shots of Harry in the buff.

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“People will be shocked by them.”

Harry previously said his shame over the photos made it difficult for him to “draw a clean breath.”

Asked why she’s making them public, Carrie says she was angered after Harry did not mention her in his book “Spare.”

She adds: “I never released these pictures before out of respect.

“Now, it doesn’t matter.

“He is a bloody idiot,” she declared.

“I’m a little angry about being whitewashed from his book. I mean . . . wow.

“He missed a lot of things from that night.

“I am surprised he remembers anyone’s name because he was pretty intoxicated but he could have talked about the few things that happened between us, he missed that completely.

“Harry was so crazy, fun-loving and spontaneous. Where did that go?

“I think Meghan sucked the life out of him, he is definitely boring and she is wearing the pants for sure.

“I think he is a bit of a puss who has shown the opposite side of what he used to be.”

Carrie says on that night in 2012, she was invited upstairs by a man she believed to be working for the hotel and said she did not know it was Harry’s party.

She joined strippers who were already naked and says she took the pictures on her phone.

Royale adds: “I was single and thought, ‘Why not? It’s Vegas’.

“I just got lucky. I don’t think he knows who I was or what I did.”

She claims she kissed Harry in a “drunken fumble” and said she planned to talk about it in more detail.

She says: “I will be posting a lot more than what the public knows.

“Words, descriptions, I might do a video doing a quick run-down of what happened that night and I will definitely be posting pictures.”

Carrie, who quit work as a dominatrix and now runs a film production firm, added: “I’d love to see a couple of million come out of this.”

Asked what Meghan might make of the snaps, Carrie added:

“If she wants to see her husband back in his glory days then she’ll have to subscribe and pay.

“I’ll let you know if she does.”

Harry spoke of the party in an interview with Dax Shepherd, who said:

“You’re the only (royal) I ever knew and simply because you were in those awesome nude photos in Vegas and I said to myself, ‘This guy’s a party’.”

A spokesperson for OnlyFans responded by confirming that Royale would need consent to share any photographs on the platform, however.

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By David Lindfield
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