Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Warns USA about Biden: ‘Government Has No Idea What It’s Doing’

“Pawn Stars” host Rick Harrison has issued a warning to the American people that Democrat President Joe Biden “has no idea” what he’s doing.

During an appearence on “Fox & Friends” Monday, Harrison slammed Biden over rising prices that are hurting Americans.

“It’s a real double-edged sword,” Harrison said.

“Basically, you have like small business owners and a lot of them got so much PPP money and now the ERC money is coming in to all of them.

“They’re getting tons of money, which is driving up the price of collectibles and everything else like that, but Middle America, it’s just crushing them.”

“This is devastating because they talk about, we got 8.6% inflation or something like that, across the board, but you talk to people who have lower, middle income, and they have to drive a lot, this affects them a lot more.

“It’s not 8% inflation,” he said.

“It’s like 25% inflation.”

“It’s harder and harder to stay in business, and we have a government that has no idea what it’s doing,” Harrison said.

After previously blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for rising prices, Biden is now trying to blame Republicans for the crisis instead as the midterms near.

Biden said:

Look, folks, today I’d like to speak about my top economic priority: fighting inflation. 

I understand Americans are anxious, and they’re anxious with good reason. 

I was raised in a household when the price of gasoline rose precipitously, it was the discussion at the table. 

It made a difference when food prices went up.

But we’ve never seen anything like Putin’s tax on both food and gas. 

Americans should also understand our economy has unique strengths that we can build on. 

The job market is the strongest it’s been since World War Two, notwithstanding the inflation. 

We added another 390,000 jobs last month; 8,700,000 new jobs since I took office.  An all-time record. 

Never that many jobs in that period of time.  (Applause.)

Unemployment rate is near historic lows. 

Millions of Americans are moving up to better jobs and better pay.

And since I took office, families are carrying less debt on average in America. 

They have more savings than they’ve had. 

And we’re doing it all while cutting the federal deficit by $1.7 trillion this year and $320 billion last.  (Applause.)

If I hear one of my MAGA friends once again talk about debt and deficits, I’m going to — anyway — I’m going to be good.  (Laughter.) 

They increased the deficit by 2 trillion bucks.  Anyway, that’s another story. 

But, look, this is the largest decline in American history. 

Because of the progress, America can tackle inflation from a position of strength unlike any other country in the world, because every country in the world is getting a big bite and piece of this inflation — worse than we are in the vast majority of countries around the world. 

But make no mistake about it: I understand inflation is a real challenge to American families.

Today’s inflation report confirmed what Americans already know: Putin’s price hike is hitting America hard.

Gas prices at the pump. 

Energy and food prices account for half of the monthly price increases since May. 

Inflation, outside of energy and food — what the economists call “core inflation” — moderated the last two months. 

Not enough, but it moderated; it’s come down. 

And we need it to come down much more quickly.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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