Pope Francis’s Security Comes Out Blasting

The Swiss Guard papal security forces take the protective duties of Pope Francis incredibly seriously.

They unleashed their weapons first, then asked all the questions later.

The high-tech defense gear was provided by Israel.

Security diverts suspicious drone

There’s some “newly available information” about the “rogue drone” which appeared suddenly over a “large public Mass” held September 15.

Pope Francis was leading the mass and hardly noticed that “the threat was neutralized” by his security team.

There was no “disruption to the worshipers” thanks to an anti-drone ground-level tactical solution called EnforceAir, put out by Israel’s D-Fend.

Updates to the situation indicate that rather than blasting it out of the sky, “EnforceAir fended off the rogue drone, sending it back to its original takeoff position, far away from the large crowd.”

The security report notes that “the suspicious drone flew over the religious ceremony attended by 90 bishops, 500 priests and 60,000 Catholics in Šaštín, site of the National Marian Shrine.”

The D-Fend team worked side-by-side with the Slovakian Interior Ministry and has “deployed its technology at several outdoor appearances by the pope in Slovakia.”

The security defense system is fully automated and works faster than most humans can react, then lets the humans decide what to do next.

Take full control

According to the designers, their advanced and intelligent security system “in either autonomous or manual mode, detects, locates and identifies rogue drones in your airspace.”

After that, it gives you some options.

The system “then neutralizes the threat by allowing you to take full control over the drone and land it safely in a predefined zone.”


They have a cutting-edge solution that provides some serious security advantages.

“Since the system does not rely upon jammers or kinetic technology, EnforceAir avoids collateral damage, interference, disruption and disturbance. Continuity prevails as communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life smoothly proceed.”

As soon as the errant aircraft appeared above the crowd, the pope’s security team confirms that the EnforceAir solution “took control of the rogue drone that threatened the potential safety of the pope, the crowd and the VIPs in attendance, quickly and easily.”

What they did with the drone which threatened Pope Francis is similar to a recent demonstration test where “D-Fend’s system reprogrammed the drone to fly along a two-point, predefined flight path and landed it in a safe zone, highlighting the full control and continuity that are facilitated by EnforceAir.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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