Psaki: White House Wants Hunter Biden to ‘Please Stop Talking in Public’

Joe Biden’s former press secretary Jen Psaki has revealed the inside scoop from the White House regarding the Democrat president’s son.

Psaki, who now works as an MSNBC anchor, conveyed a message from the White House to Hunter Biden during a panel discussion on NBC News.

“Meet the Press” anchor Kristen Welker asked Psaki about Hunter Biden’s recent statement to the media.

As Slay News reported, Hunter Biden defied a congressional subpoena to appear before House committees for a hearing.

Instead, he held a press conference to promote the Bidens’ narratives to the Democrats’ allies in the corporate media.

Welker asked: “Jen Psaki, you had this surprise press conference by Hunter Biden this week. Did it help, or did it hurt?”

Psaki responded with a message for Hunter Biden, saying:

“Look, I think If you’re sitting in the White House right now, you’re like, ‘Please, Hunter Biden, we know your dad loves you. Please stop talking in public.’”

“This is not helpful to any of them for him to be out there but at the same time, the president loves his son.

“That takes precedent over anything else. That is appealing.

“He loves his son, he loves his family and he’s worried about his mental health.”

“But yes, the White House would like him to probably go away right now,” she added.

Hunter ignored a Congressional subpoena to appear for a deposition before the House Oversight Committee.

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Instead delivered a speech decrying the committee’s investigation into his shady foreign business dealings and alleged bribery schemes.

During his speech, Hunter Biden insisted his father had no “financial” involvement.

Hunter’s improv presser was such an optics disaster that the New York Times stepped in to run cover for the Bidens.

The Times altered Hunter’s quotes about his father Joe Biden’s role in his business ventures.

Hunter Biden now faces contempt of Congress charges for defying the subpoena.

The first son was also indicted last week on 9 felony tax charges in California by special counsel David Weiss, facing up to 17 years in prison.

He reportedly told family and friends he may flee the country to avoid further prosecution if President Donald Trump is elected next year.

Hunter’s legal and political woes have become so prominent that Joe Biden is concerned they may affect his 2024 reelection chances.

From Politico:

The 81-year-old president is deeply sensitive about his son and has barked at aides who have mused about Hunter Biden as an electoral liability or those who wondered if he should be accompanying the president on the road.

Many aides now choose to avoid the subject, for fear of triggering the president’s temper, according to two of the five confidants.

For example, no one raised whether it was a good idea for Hunter Biden to attend a June state dinner for India’s prime minister just days after accepting a plea deal.

The president, though, is not shy about expressing his worries over the phone to family members and a select group of confidants.

He has quizzed them as to what they thought would happen to his son and expressed that he fears the worst if his son were convicted or faced any sort of prison time.

As Slay News reported last week, insiders say concerns are mounting about the “heavy toll” that Hunter Biden’s scandals are having on the 81-year-old president’s health.

Some in the White House inner circle fear that the scandals “could consume” Joe Biden.

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