Democrats Push Race-Baiting Narrative to Influence Ahmaud Arbery Trial

Al Sharpton is leading the Democrats’ race-baiting narrative in an to influence the outcome of the trial of the three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery.

Sharpton is promting the claim that the death of Arbery was a “lynching in the 21st century.”

While completely untrue, Democrats are happy to indulge this rhetoric as a justification for their wider agenda.

Race becomes central issue

Sharpton has been hanging around the Glynn County Courthouse where the trial is being held for the men he claims hunted down and lynched Ahmaud Arbery.

Arbery’s family said that they were happy to have Sharpton there.

The family is represented by attorney Ben Crump, who has made a lucrative career out of these race related cases.

The description of the Arbery killing as a lynching has been popular with Democrats and segments of the media which have latched onto the loaded term.

It’s an obvious abuse of the term which is clearly meant by Democrats to stir up anger amongst the base. It has no connection to what is taking place in this trial.

The trial is, like the Rittenhouse trial, meant to decide whether or not the accused individuals were entitled to use self defense against the deceased.

The appearance of Sharpton and the use of this term seem intended to push the jury towards a certain verdict before they have all of the evidence in the case.

The right buzzword

Unfortunately, with the media being what it is we are unlikely to ever have a true and accurate presentation of the facts in this case.

What seems clear, at least, is that the men who killed Arbery believed that they were carrying out an attempted citizen’s arrest and believed that they were in some degree of danger.

Because of the race issue, the outcome of the case was decided as soon as social media became aware of it.

This is one of the cases which launched the 2020 riots so there is immense pressure for a quick guilty verdict.

There are valid questions to be asked in the trial about Arbery and his behavior.

Any hint of nuance has been removed from the case in favor of establishing a narrative about an innocent jogger who was hunted down and killed.

By using the word “lynching” Sharpton and other Democrats are hoping to smear the entirety of the American South as a society which still routinely murders random minorities for sport.

Regardless of the guilt or innocence of the defendants, the media is happy to take this case as proof that a narrative they have artificially constructed has been proven by the facts.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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