Renowned Oncologist Drops Bombshell: Ivermectin Cures Cancer

A world-renowned American surgical oncologist has just revealed that ivermectin has successfully cured cancer in multiple patients.

Cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy announced that the miracle drug has been used to save the lives of terminally ill patients.

Dr. Ruddy revealed that the so-called “horse dewormer” has stunned doctors by triggering dramatic recoveries in those suffering late-stage cancer.

Ruddy said the drug was tried on three patients who had exhausted all other cancer treatments.

She revealed that the patients went from their deathbeds to making a full recovery and being completely cancer-free in under a year after taking ivermectin.

One patient had a grim future when the cancer had spread so much that he was expected to soon die.

This man had stage four prostate cancer, Ruddy explains.

He had tried all the conventional protocols before doctors told him that there was nothing more they could do.

When the man had nothing left to lose, he started taking ivermectin and the results were astonishing.

Within six months, the metastatic lesions began to disappear, according to Dr. Ruddy.

In under a year, “he was out dancing for four hours,” three nights per week, she revealed.

A similar scenario unfolded for another man named Eddie.

He was diagnosed with two unresectable esophageal tumors that surgeons were unable to remove.

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Eddie couldn’t swallow and had lost 40 pounds in a year and a half.

However, he started taking ivermectin and doctors couldn’t believe the transformation.

“Within a couple of weeks, he sounded stronger,” Ruddy noted.

“He could swallow.

“He had gained six pounds.

“His voice was better.”

A few weeks later, Ruddy told Eddie, “Get a scan.”

“We got the scan,” Ruddy recalled.

No tumors. Gone. Gone.

“The problem was that he had sold his fishing boat.

“That was the biggest problem.

“He was getting better. His tumor was gone.

“Now he’s got to buy another fishing boat …

“I was like, ‘Well, now, that’s interesting.’”

There was also a third case, explained Dr. Ruddy.

A third female patient had severe liver cancer,

The patient underwent surgery with a “brilliant cancer surgeon” but, unfortunately, the cancer spread after the procedure.

There was nothing more that could be done so she started taking ivermectin.

After a few weeks, she had an ultrasound and her “liver was clean,” Ruddy revealed.

It was at this point that Ruddy said she needed to raise the alert about the success of the drug.

“I was as astonished as anyone might be that ivermectin has potential as an anti-cancer agent,” says Ruddy.

She noted that the probably of the patients recovering coincidentally while taking ivermectin was “zero”

“It’s like winning the lottery on the first three tickets you ever buy,” she explained.

She noted that all three patients were not vaccinated for Covid.


After observing several cases like this, Dr. Ruddy launched a multicenter observational study.

The study is looking at how repurposed drugs like ivermectin impact cancer survival rates.

Why would an anti-parasitic medication like ivermectin work on cancer?

Are these isolated cases, or are they indicative of a major breakthrough?

She’s on a mission to find out.

Ruddy also blasted the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for suppressing the use of ivermectin and other drugs.

She slammed the federal agencies as “incompetent.”

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