Rep Clay Higgins: ‘Easily 200 FBI Undercover Assets’ Dressed as Trump Supporters on Jan 6

Republican Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) has claimed that there were “easily 200 FBI undercover assets” dressed as supporters of President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

During a new interview with independent news anchor Tucker Carlson, Higgins asserted that the FBI assets were instigating trouble and helped those who entered the Capitol navigate the building.

Higgins dropped the bombshell during an appearance on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter.”

The congressman told the host that he estimates at least 200 undercover FBI assets both inside and outside the Capitol building.

“We believe that there were easily 200 FBI undercover assets operating in the crowd, outside the Capitol, embedded into groups that entered the Capitol or provoked entry of the Capitol,” Higgins said.

“Given the scope of the operation and the number of doors where entry was allowed or even encouraged — and the number of people that were actually outside the Capitol and that entered — we believe 200 [is a] conservative number,” he continued.

Carlson responded with alarm, replying that it was “shocking” to hear and “confirms everyone’s worst suspicions.”

“It’s clearly true,” the host added.

Higgins further explained that the estimated number is based on the solid evidence he has seen.

He said he has evidence proving that FBI assets worked with local D.C. Metro Police and the Capitol Police.

Higgins notes that the evidence also shows the undercover operatives were dressed as Trump supporters while inside the Capitol.

“The FBI assets that were dressed as Trump supporters that were inside the Capitol were there, I believe, and evidence indicates that they were there to specifically wave in the Trump supporters that had gathered outside the Capitol,” Higgins explains.

“Those were the guys that knew their way around the Capitol.

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“There’s no way they can come in some random door that gets opened and then get their way directly to Statuary [Hall] or the House chamber or the Senate chamber. It’s just not possible.”

Those who made it inside the Capitol were then allegedly directed to “the areas where the FBI, the DOJ, and the Deep State actors” could charge and prosecute them, Higgins said.

FBI Director Christopher Wray had previously refused to answer questions from Higgins about FBI assets on January 6, 2021.

Wray told Congress they “should not read anything into my decision not to share information on confidential human sources” when he refused to give details.


Higgins said that the evidence “implicates [the] FBI at the highest level.”

The congressman said he hopes that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) will release all documentation pertaining to the historic event.

“He has a responsibility to fully release that data, and then the American people will see for themselves what some of us have already learned, to our horror, to be true,” he said.


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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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