Report: Biden Will Not Be Replaced before November Due to ‘Logistical Nightmare’

A new report has asserted that President Joe Biden will not be replaced by the Democrats on the ticket for the November election due to the numerous barriers that would prevent such a move.

It’s not a surprise that many believe there’s a chance that, given his horrific polling numbers, Democrats would be seeking out a different candidate.

The overall lack of enthusiasm from within the Democratic Party for Biden suggests that he could be replaced by the DNC ahead of the election.

Some believe that even though it would be a risky move, however.

Yet, still the Democrats’ best chance of fielding a strong candidate who could give President Donald Trump a run for his money.

Nevertheless, the Democrats don’t appear to have a suitable replacement, and pulling Biden from the race may no longer be an option for the party.

According to a piece written for the Washington Examiner by Jeremiah Poff, the chances of Biden being replaced at this stage in the game, no matter how bad it’s become, is highly unlikely.

Poff argues that any attempt to switch Biden out at this point poses a “logistical nightmare.”

He argues that “Democrats are stuck with Biden” because any methods of replacing him are simply too complicated.

Poff pointed to speculation that the June 27 debate will be a testing ground for Biden to see if he can hold his own and not make the many gaffes and mistakes that would cause further concern from within his party.

If he survives the debate with Trump, which seems unlikely on its own, then Democrats will likely fall behind Biden.

As such, Biden will carry forward and run in November.

But if he doesn’t hold up, and worse, if he has a total breakdown, Poff said some speculate that it gives the DNC enough time to replace him.

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As Slay News has reported, insiders have been revealing a “secret plot” to replace Biden following a poor showing at the suspiciously early first debate.

However, Poff does not agree with that theory.

Poff is making his own case as to why he believes Biden cannot be replaced at this point.

“There are three reasons why replacing Biden at this juncture is, at worst, nearly impossible and, at best, a logistical nightmare,” he wrote.

“The first involves deadlines, the second has to do with personnel, and the third is the lack of an obvious replacement.”

He added that the only realistic way Biden can be replaced is if he initiates it on his own.

Biden would need to step down and appoint VP Kamala Harris as the nominee.

Poff continued to lay out the various obstacles, including critical deadlines, that would make replacing Biden nothing less than a nightmare for the party, and probably not worth the effort.

He made clear that Democrats will need to play the hand they were dealt at this point in time.

“No, the answer to all the rampant speculation of replacing Biden is that it is just not really feasible at such a late stage in the electoral calendar to put in another candidate,” he wrote.

“The Democrats are stuck with Biden — whether they like it or not.”

Aside from all other factors, the Democrats would need to have a strong replacement candidate for Biden, which they don’t have.

Perhaps the only name put forward that would stand a better chance in the election than Biden would be Michelle Obama.

However, Obama has repeatedly denied having any ambition to run for president.

Other high-profile Democrat names include California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Hillary Clinton.

However, Newsom has been polling badly in his own struggling state and Clinton has already proved she can’t beat Trump.

The good news is that Republicans are very much hoping that Biden will run in November.

Biden is by far one of the most unpopular incumbents in modern history.

If Biden runs, Trump’s chances of being president again look pretty solid.

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