RFK Jr: Tucker Carlson Was Fired for Calling Out ‘Deadly’ Vaccines

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has claimed that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News because he warned the American people about “deadly” vaccines.

RFK Jr. says Carlson “crossed a red line” by warning the public that the network’s “pharma advertisers” are pushing “deadly and ineffective” vaccines.

Kennedy pointed to Carlson’s April 19 monologue, in which, he says the host “broke TV’s two biggest rules.”

“Tucker told the truth about how greedy pharma advertisers controlled TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless,” Kennedy asserted.

“Fox just demonstrated the terrifying power of Big Pharma,” he added.

Carlson also defended RFK Jr. and later interviewed him.


During monologue RFK Jr. is referring to, Carlson blasted the “millions of dollars” that media companies take from Big Pharma companies.

Carlson slammed the media for having “shilled” Covid shots that are “potentially dangerous.”

He then accused the media and Big Tech of censoring anyone who questioned the shots’ effectiveness, RFK Jr. included, despite those who said they were “both ineffective and potentially dangerous” being proved “unequivocally right.”

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Carlson warned his viewers that “The channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma companies and then they shilled for their sketchy products on the air and as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products.

“At the very least, this was a moral crime.

“It was disgusting, but it was universal.

“It happened across the American news media. They all did it.”

“So, at this point, the question isn’t who in public life is corrupt? Too many to count.

“The question is who is telling the truth? There are not many of those.

“One of them is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Robert Kennedy knew early that the Covid vaccines were both ineffective and potentially dangerous and he said so in public to the extent he was allowed.

“Science has since proven Robert F. Kennedy Jr. right. Unequivocally right.”

“But Kennedy was not rewarded for this. He was vilified,” Carlson added.

“He was censored because he dared to criticize their advertisers, the news media called Bobby Kennedy a Nazi, and then they attacked his family, but he kept doing it.

“He was not intimidated and we were glad he wasn’t.

“This is one of those moments when it’s nice to have a truth teller around.

“It’s helpful because suddenly the stakes are very high.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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