Rod Stewart Says His Wife Banned Him from Seeing Trump Because ‘He’s a Disgrace’

Legendary rock musician Rod Stewart says his wife banned him from hanging out with President Donald Trump.

Speaking during a new interview, Stewart says his wife, ex-model Penny Lancaster, believes Trump is a “disgrace” with women

The 78-year-old rockstar told Scottish Field magazine that his wife banned him from seeing his old friend Trump in Florida’s wealthy enclave Palm Beach.

“I used to go to Trump’s Christmas party and the balls he held but my wife said ‘no,’” Stewart said.

“There was stuff he was coming out with, what he was saying about women he had known in the past, and Penny said, ‘You’re not going — he’s a disgrace.’

“I’ve known Trump for a long time.

“He’s always been extremely nice to me.

“I’ve had no problems with him at all.

“Is he a great president? Nah.

“I think his moral compass is way off,” he said.

Stewart recently turned his back on “toxic” Los Angeles and has moved back to England, as Slay News reported.

He just put his massive Beverly Hills mansion on the market for a staggering $70 million and will not be buying another home in LA because he has no plans to return to California.

According to insiders, Stewart hates the “toxic” culture in Los Angeles and feels like he has “no privacy” so he has chosen to return full-time to his home in the UK.

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Rod also wants to support his wife Penny and their sons, who prefer living in England.

A source told the Daily Mail: “Penny loves the life she has made away from America and away from LA. “She enjoys nothing more than working for the police force.

“She also finds traveling to be more of a nuisance than anything and wants to just live her life as a working mom.

“Besides, her and Rod’s boys are in no way wanting to leave their school and friends in the UK to come over to America.”

Penny is a volunteer police officer in London

A second source said Stewart, who has eight children by five women, has the full support of all his kids, daughters Sarah Streeter, 59, Kimberly, 43, Ruby, 35, and Renee, 30, and sons Sean, 42, Liam, 28, Alastair and Aiden.

“They all know how happy him and Penny are living there and that is all they want is for their father to be happy,” the source said.

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By David Hawkins

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