Roger Stone Threatens Hillary Clinton with ‘Class-Action Suit’

Roger Stone has issued a warning to Hillary Clinton, threatening to file a “class-action suit” against the twice-failed presidential candidate.

Stone says he is still suffering from the fallout from her campaign’s smear job against President Donald Trump and is prepared to sue her.

“I’m still here and now Mr. Durham confirms everything that I said,” former Trump campaign advisor Stone said in a new interview on The Beau Show.

Stone claimed he would not be “suffering damages” from the legal mess he was put through if the Clinton campaign never tried to smear Trump with an October surprise.

Special Counsel John Durham made some explosive filings recently that changed the narrative around how the Trump-Russia story started, with all signs pointing to Hillary Clinton.

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At what point did a campaign smear become an investigation and whether lines were crossed and laws were broken Durham will discover, but Stone is saying he suffered and is still suffering damages from the fallout.

And because he can’t sue the government he is preparing a class-action lawsuit against Hillary.

Stone said:

“Since I believe I am still suffering damages, I still get death threats, my family still gets death threats, I continue to lose employment opportunities, I’m prepared to file a class-action suit against Hillary Clinton and John Podesta and Michael Sussman and others.

“One of the flaws in our system is you can’t sue the government, you can’t sue the prosecutors, you can’t sue the FBI.

“They’re immune from lawsuits no matter how corrupt, no matter how dishonest they are.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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