Rupert Murdoch Trashed Trump, New Book Claims: ‘As*hole,’ ‘Plainly Nuts,’ ‘Idiot,’ ‘Fool’

Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch trashed President Donald Trump up and down, according to a new book.

The book, “The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty,” claims that Murdoch hates Trump and unloaded on the 45th president.

Murdoch apparently called Trump an “as*hole” and an “idiot,” among other derogatory terms.

From the Book: “With a new chapter seemingly opening on the American right, Lachlan Murdoch began telling people that Fox was going to focus on Dominion and get it resolved.

“But Rupert Murdoch wasn’t having it — he seemed to double down on a desire to punish Trump rather than resolve Dominion.

“Dominion wasn’t the problem — Trump was,” the book says.

“In terms of Trump, it seemed clear: In addition to being an ‘as*hole,’ ‘plainly nuts,’ an ‘idiot,’ a ‘fool’ who ‘couldn’t give a sh*t,’ who had ‘no plan,’ who ‘just wants the money,’ Trump was ‘a f**king crazy man’ and a ‘loser.’

“The last was among Murdoch’s worst imprecations.

“Trump couldn’t win.

“Here were Murdoch’s true politics: There’s nothing to be gained from a loser.

“With Trump facing an incumbent president and a Democratic Party united against him, and with a marginalized message and his vast organizational disarray, not to mention certain looming indictments, the end was obvious: ‘Loser.’

“Without other alternatives, Murdoch had subbed in DeSantis.

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“He was, in one of Murdoch’s good words, a ‘professional.’

“Unfortunately, that was exactly the sobriquet DeSantis was trying to avoid, as it might cause Fox viewers to flee.

“Indeed, everything Trump-like about DeSantis, everything he had so carefully worked at in order to seem Trump-like, Murdoch waved away.

“He wasn’t like that; that was all just because he had to; strategy stuff; he was a Florida Jeb Bush Republican.

“At the same time, despite how the 92-year-old’s attention might wander, Murdoch retained an acuity for numbers.

“Whatever else was happening and for whatever reason, he seemed always to be up-to-date on the internal reports and focused on the faintest trends downward.

“Bad numbers were your fault,” the book claimed.

“You had only one real job to do, and that was to bring good numbers.

“The underlying message was clear: He might despise Trump, but Fox must remain the dominant cable news channel, holding and increasing its market share and continuing to generate enormous profits.”

“But was there any other way to do this than giving the audience what it wanted, which was lots and lots of Donald Trump?”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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