Scientists Raise Alarm over California’s Geoengineering Efforts to Tackle ‘Global Warming’

A group of scientists has warned that California’s use of geoengineering to fight “global warming” could likely have an impact on temperatures in Europe.

As Slay News has reported, scientists in California have been spraying the skies with aerosols in order to reflect sunlight away from the Earth’s surface.

The plan is supposedly aimed at tackling so-called “climate change” by cooling the Earth.

However, experts have been raising the alarm that such practices could have a devastating impact on the Earth’s natural climate.

Last month, Bill Gates-funded University of Washington researchers sprayed reflective aerosols into clouds over the ocean near San Francisco Bay.

The practice, called “marine cloud brightening,” allegedly aims to cool down the surface below and “reverse global warming.”

However, a peer-reviewed study published in the prestigious Nature Climate Change journal raises major concerns about the practice.

The researchers found that the experimental geoengineering methods may reduce heat exposure in the region significantly.

Alarmingly, though, they warn that the “same interventions under mid-century warming minimally reduce or even increase heat stress in the Western United States and across the world.”

The study team’s lead researcher, UC San Diego oceanographer Jessica Wan, told The Guardian:

“It shows that marine cloud brightening can be very effective for the US West Coast if done now, but it may be ineffective there in the future and could cause heatwaves in Europe.”

Interestingly, the geoengineering experiment was later shut down by San Francisco’s far-left officials.

City officials cited health concerns when shutting the green agenda program down.

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The new study warns that the lack of regulation for experimental geoengineering projects could lead to such efforts severely backfiring across the world.

“The authors of the study said the findings were ‘scary’ because the world has few or no regulations in place to prevent regional applications of the technique, marine cloud brightening, which involves spraying reflective aerosols (usually in the form of sea salt or sea spray) into stratocumulus clouds over the ocean to reflect more solar radiation back into space,” The Guardian reports.

“Experts have said the paucity of controls means there is little to prevent individual countries, cities, companies, or even wealthy individuals from trying to modify their local climates, even if it is to the detriment of people living elsewhere, potentially leading to competition and conflict over interventions.

“The recent sharp rise in global temperatures has prompted some research institutions and private organizations to engage in geoengineering research that used to be virtually taboo.

“In Australia, scientists have been trialing marine cloud brightening strategies for at least four years to try to cool the Great Barrier Reef and slow its bleaching.

“Earlier this year, scientists at the University of Washington sprayed sea-salt particles across the flight deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet, docked in Alameda in San Francisco Bay.

“This experiment was halted by the local government to allow it to evaluate whether the spray contains chemicals that might pose a health risk to people or animals in the Bay area.”

The study comes after warnings that recent flooding in the Middle East was caused by geoengineering efforts.

As Slay News reported in April, the Gulf states were hit with severe floods.

The unprecedented floods in the typically dry Dubai were blamed on “climate change” by the corporate media.

However, these reports conveniently ignored Dubai’s weather manipulation program.

The Middle Eastern nation uses “cloud seeding” to create rainfall over Dubai.

Many experts are now warning that these weather modification practices are causing unprecedented severe weather events.

One meteorologist is warning of looming “weather wars” between countries if “cloud seeding” gets out of hand.

Johan Jaques, a senior meteorologist at environmental technology company KISTERS, warned there could be “unintended consequences” to using the relatively young technology, potentially leading to “diplomatic instability.”

“Any time we interfere with natural precipitation patterns, we set off a chain of events that we have little control over,” he said.

“Interference with the weather also raises all kinds of ethical questions, as changing the weather in one country could lead to perhaps unintended yet catastrophic impacts in another.

“After all, the weather does not recognize international borders.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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