Scranton Locals Trash Biden: ‘Worst President We Ever Had’

Locals in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania have trashed the Democrat president over his running of the country, specifically taking aim at his so-called “Bidenomics.”

At face value, you’d assume “Bidenomics” related to bribing Ukrainian oligarchs and then funneling those funds back to Biden family bank accounts in the United States via a series of shady shell corps.

Yet, “Bidenomics” is actually a term used by the White House when gaslighting the American people into believing that Biden’s economic policies are working.

Last month, Biden’s handlers took to Twitter/X and claimed the president doesn’t “look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue.”

“I look at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware,” the post from “Biden” insisted.

However, locals in Scranton don’t quite see it that way.

Biden is “the worst president we ever had,” one angry Scrantonian told a Fox News reporter.

While many others also bashed Biden’s performance, others said they won’t vote for Biden in 2024 despite being Democrats.

Speaking about the president, who lived in a home near the city’s northeastern border with Dunmore until age 10, Mark from nearby Susquehanna, Pa., told Fox News that he doesn’t believe Biden sees the economy from a local perspective.

When asked if he has a preferred 2024 presidential candidate, he offered one name: “Trump.”

Robert Jones of Scranton offered a similar reaction to Biden’s tweet, saying he finds most politicians to be a “bunch of liars.”

Jones declared that Biden is the “worst president we ever had.”

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“This economy sucks,” Jones added.

“I mean, everything’s going up except paychecks.

“I just think the economy sucks ever since Biden got in.”

When asked who he prefers in the 2024 election, Jones also indicated support for the GOP frontrunner.

Local resident Kevin told Fox he is disillusioned with most of the political class.

“I don’t think any of them see through the eyes of the people,” he said.

“I think all of them see it through the eyes of Washington.”

“[The economy] has gotten worse,” Kevin added.

Kevin noted that he won’t likely vote for Biden.

“I’m a registered Democrat, but I’m not happy,” he explained.

While many residents had their oft-critical opinions, local leaders made their own feelings known in a pair of controversial roadway renamings.

Local media at the time captured photos of PennDOT replacing BGS signs on Interstate 81 at its split with the erstwhile Central Scranton Expressway just over a year ago.

A unanimous city council vote in 2021 changed the name to the “President Biden Expressway.”

The downtown arterial highway that becomes Spruce Street was renamed “Biden Street.”

That led some local business owners to grouse about having to re-register their addresses and the costs associated with the process.

Jason from nearby Moscow, Pa., was not a fan of the renamings and ripped the president’s recent “Bidenomics” claims on X.

He said Biden’s post was “not accurate” and that he “doesn’t see the economy, period.”

“He has no idea what’s going on – it’s an absolute mess,” Jason said.

“He abandoned Scranton when he was 4 years old.

“So the fact he keeps using Scranton is hysterical.”

He called the rebirth of Spruce Street as Biden Street the biggest waste of money in the city as of late.

Jason’s comments echo the sentiments of President Donald Trump.

In a 2020 campaign stop near his opponent’s hometown, Trump similarly declared Biden “abandoned Pennsylvania; he abandoned Scranton” when his family moved to Delaware.

Speaking in nearby Old Forge during a trip that included a stop at the borough’s famed pizzerias, Trump said “he was here (in Scranton) for a short time and didn’t even know it.”

Nellie, of Scranton, was also critical of the expressway’s renaming, saying she doesn’t immediately associate Biden with Scranton.

“He’s not a Scrantonian,” she said.

Nellie noted how Biden moved to the Wilmington area as a young child.

“I don’t think he has enough to say about what it really means to be ‘from here’ – I’ve been here my whole life,” she said.

While speaking about the 2024 race, Nellie said she usually opposes Republican political views.

However, she believes Biden may not be able to fulfill a full second term.

Nellie also added that Vice President Kamala Harris has not been at the forefront enough on important issues like the economy or the Israel-Hamas war.

Down the block from the Lackawanna County Courthouse, Betty from neighboring Dickson City said Biden doesn’t see the economy the way locals do.

“I feel like it’s gotten worse, that’s my personal opinion though,” she said.

“How could he be seeing it through our eyes?”

But, she added, she is willing to give Biden more time on the economy.

“It’s up in the air,” she said.

“I lean [Biden’s way] over Trump.”

Betty added she gives Biden some slack for having to deal with COVID-19 and other issues when he first took office.

“I feel like there’s slim pickings when it comes to the [2024] candidates, you know, for the people anyway,” she said.

Another Scrantonian named Mark said it is hard to base Scranton on the nation or world when it comes to judging the economy.

“Washington is running all of the United States and should be,” Mark said.

“I know the governors make their own decisions and other elected officials – but enough is enough.

“The economy is horrible.

“Prices are way too high.

“People are struggling, and it’s just getting worse.

“I don’t understand why.

“Like, are we going back to Reaganomics that [sic] was so horrible that only the rich purveyed?”

He added that he is similarly tired of the constant smears about Trump dominating the corporate media political news cycle.

“Enough is enough – it shouldn’t be like that,” he said.

Mark noted that he recently returned to Scranton after about 25 years living elsewhere, only to find it sadly reminiscent of down days from its past.

“It’s a dump. And it could be so much [better],” he said.

“When I came back here several years ago, I thought, my God, that building’s still empty… and it’s like the same people sitting on the same barstools, you know, 25 years later.

“There are a lot of businesses that are wonderful – very expensive – but they’re wonderful. It’s like everywhere: Everyone’s trying to revive their downtown,” he said, adding that he left Scranton because of the lack of work.

When asked his thoughts on the now-81-year-old Biden running for re-election, Mark quipped, “Why don’t we bring back [Jimmy] Carter at 99.”

“I don’t really want to say I’m against him because of his age,” he added.

“But it’s to the point where I’m like: Really?”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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