Senate Probe Reveals Evidence Showing Biden Family ‘Undeniably’ Linked to Communist China

Top senators have revealed explosive new evidence that “undeniably” links President Joe Biden’s family members to the Chinese Communist Party.

Following their investigations, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) have presented documents to the Senate that directly link the Biden family to China.

The news comes as the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden is “gaining momentum as prosecutors gather information from several of his associates about the sources of his foreign income.”

It also comes hot on the tails of The New York Times recently corroborating the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s notorious “Laptop from Hell.”

As Slay News first reported, the Times confirmed that the reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents prior to the 2020 election were, in fact, authentic.

The Times’ report raised the issue of Hunter Biden’s potential criminal exposure for failing to report his actions as a foreign agent of a government under FARA requirements.

Senator Grassley has now just taken the Senate floor and disclosed new documents.

Grassley promised the Senate that the explosive new evidence is just a “taste” of what he and his colleague Senator Johnson have uncovered during their probe.

He said the evidence “undeniably” links the Biden family and China’s communist government.


“Today, Senator Johnson and I begin a series of speeches on our investigations into the Biden family financial deals,” Senator Grassley told the Senate.

“We’ll make these presentations with two themes.

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“First, we’ll refute and we’ll dismantle the talking points that the liberal media and our Democrat colleagues pushed onto the American people.

“Their talking points said that our investigation over the years advanced and spread disinformation,” Grassley continued.

“On November 29, 2021; May 11, 2021; March 18, 2021; December 14, 2020; December 10, 2020; October 19, 2020; and December 9, 2020, I came to the Senate floor to rebut those false charges.

“Now, or at least then, the liberal media and my Democrat colleagues ought to be ashamed of themselves for the outright lies that they peddled about our investigative work.”

“As a result, Senator Johnson and I did what any good investigator would do,” he said.

“We gathered even more records to prove all these people wrong, which brings me to the second theme.

“Senator Johnson and I will produce new records to show additional connections between the Biden family and the communist Chinese regime.”

“Before we get to those records, I’m going to discuss the background of our investigation,” he continued.

“We started this investigation last congress.

“Then, I was Chairman of the Finance Committee, and at that time, Senator Johnson was Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

“It began in August 2019. I started at that time an inquiry into a transaction involving Hunter Biden that was reviewed by the federal government’s Committee on Foreign Investment.”

“On September 23, 2020, Senator Johnson and I released our report,” he added.

“On November 18, 2020, we released our supplement to that report.

“Those reports were based in large part on Obama administration government records and also almost a dozen transcribed interviews of government officials.

“In both reports, Senator Johnson and I made financial information public that hadn’t ever been known before.”

“Our report exposed extensive financial relationships between Hunter and James Biden [Joe Biden’s brother] and Chinese nationals connected to the communist regime,” he went on.

“More precisely, these were Chinese nationals connected to the Chinese government’s military and intelligence service.

“One of those individuals was a person by the name of Patrick Ho.

“According to reports, Hunter Biden said of Patrick Ho, quote, ‘I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of Patrick Ho.’

“Then Hunter Biden says the F-word denoting ‘a spy chief of China who started a company that my partner who is worth $323 billion founded and is now missing.’ End of that quote.”

“We’ll get into more detail with respect to Patrick Ho in future speeches,” Grassley added.

“We’ll do the same with Gongwen Dong [CFO of the Kam Fei Group of Hong Kong], another close associate of Hunter Biden who is connected to the Communist regime.

“Hunter Biden’s reference to, quote, ‘my partner,’ end quote, is an apparent reference to Ye Jianming [former chairman of the Shanghai-based CEFC China Energy].

“Yi had connections to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

“Yi had a company called CEFC, which had multiple variations.”

“Today and in future speeches, Senator Johnson and I will simply refer to that company as CEFC,” he said.

“Documents show that CEFC’s corporate mission was, quote, ‘to expand cooperation in international energy economy and contribute to national development,’ end of quote.

“Now let me emphasize that word national in that quote — national development. CEFC existed for the communist state.”

“Indeed, records show that CEFC is dedicated itself to serve China’s national energy strategy, developing national strategic reserves for oil, and now I quote, ‘partnering with centrally administered and state-owned enterprises,’ end of quote,” Grassley continued.

“Records prepared by one of Hunter and James Biden’s business associates, a James Gilliar, say the following about this company’s CEFC — quote, ‘at the time China was hungry for crude, but its state-backed companies were having difficulty closing some deals abroad. The optics of China’s state-backed giants marching into a country to buy and extract oil weren’t great for central Asian politicians. This paved the way for private firms like CEFC, which can strike oil deals in Europe and the Middle East, where Chinese state-owned enterprises could bring political liabilities,’ end of quote.”

“Documents also show that CEFC, quote, ‘is building an energy storage and logistic system in Europe,’ end of quote, to connect China, Europe, and the Middle East,” he added.

“You may ask why. Plainly, to serve, quote, ‘China’s ambitions to have over seas storage locations connected with world markets,’ end of quote.”

“The document further states that CEFC’s investments and their bank division has investments in the energy sector, quote, ‘which are in tandem with the government’s $4 trillion one belt, one road foreign investment program,’ end of quote,” Grassley said.

“So, then CEFC operated under the guise of a private company, but for all intents and purposes, as an arm of the Chinese government.”

“Hunter Biden and James Biden served as a perfect vehicle by which the Chinese communist government could gain inroads here in the United States through CEFC and its affiliates,” he said.

“And these inroads were focused on Chinese advancement into the global and U.S. energy sector.

“Hunter and James Biden were more than happy to go along, of course, for the right price.”

“So, now let’s turn to the first poster which shows bank records that hasn’t been made public before now,” Grassley said while standing in front of a blown-up bank record.

“This is a portion of a document that we, meaning Senator Johnson and I, will release in full.

“The topic of this poster shows a wire transaction, August 4, 2017, from CEFC to Wells Fargo clearing services for $100,000.

“Now, look at the bottom of the poster.

“This is the underlying data of this transaction.

“It states, quote, ‘further credit to Owasco,’ end of quote.

“Owasco is Hunter Biden’s [law] firm.”

“Now, there is no middle man in this transaction,” he added.

“This is $100,000, of what is effectively an arm of the Chinese communist government, direct to Hunter Biden.”

“So, a second question,” he said.

“Question to the liberal media and my Democratic colleagues who accused us over the last two years of distributing Russian disinformation.

“Is this official bank document Russian disinformation?”

“Now, beyond this document, in future speeches, Senator Johnson and I will show you more transfers between and among such companies as CEFC, Northern International Capital [a Hong Kong-based investment company], Hudson West III, Hunter Biden’s Owasco and James Biden’s Lion Hall group.

“In doing so, please keep in mind the players in this game, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, Mervyn Yan, and Patrick Ho, to name a few.

“All of these individuals mixed and mingled with related corporate entities over a period of years with respect to millions of dollars.”

“Now, the next poster,” Grassley said and turned to a record with a number of signatures.

“Those connections are illustrated by the second poster which I made public last November.

“It’s an original bank record with one typographical error in all. Here you have Hunter Biden, Gongwen Dong, and Mervyn Yan executing an assignment, an assumption agreement together.”

“So, now a third question to those who accuse us of disseminating ‘Russian disinformation,’ so, especially to the liberal media, who are the ones who ought to be policing our government system to make sure that everything is done honest, they shouldn’t have to have members of Congress giving all this information out, but is this official record ‘Russian disinformation’?” he asked.

“In our next speeches we’ll show you more records that haven’t been seen before,” Grassley said.

“Records that undeniably show strong links between Biden family and communist China.

“Today is just a small taste.”

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By Frank Bergman

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