Several Celebrities Face Questioning as Feds Prepare to Subpoena Diddy’s Private Jet Flight Manifests

Several high-profile celebrities and other prominent and powerful figures are expected to be questioned by federal agents amid investigations into rap music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Federal agents are reportedly preparing to subpoena the flight manifests of Diddy’s private jet as part of a major sex trafficking investigation.

Top law enforcement sources told TMZ that the probe into the rapper will involve sending subpoenas to charter plane companies and interviewing passengers who flew with him on private chartered jets.

Many of those who flew with Diddy on the jets are expected to be prominent stars.

Those close to the situation said federal agents are likely to demand the flight manifests to establish who was with Diddy on each trip he took.

The move means many other stars are likely to play key roles in the probe into Diddy’s lifestyle.

According to TMZ, widening the investigation to include interviews with passengers on Diddy’s plane could enable federal agents to verify claims made by individuals who filed lawsuits against the rapper.

Passengers who are not suing the star and have not made allegations against Diddy will still likely be questioned about the nature of their relationship with Diddy.

Feds will seek to grill them over whether they saw Diddy commit crimes, according to the outlet.

Reports of the manifest subpoenas come on the heels of two simultaneous raids at Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami on Monday.

The large-scale probe continues to unfold, and the spotlight has fallen on several of Diddy’s personal affiliates and business associates.

Four women and one man have come forward with allegations against Diddy that include sexual assault, sex trafficking, rape, and gang rape.

The news comes after Slay News first reported that Britain’s Prince Harry was named as an “affiliate” of Diddy’s in court filings.

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In court filings, record producer Rodney Jones claims Diddy used his affiliation with Harry, along with other big-time stars, to give himself and his associates legitimacy when throwing sex-trafficking parties.

Court documents filed in New York say guests were drawn to Diddy’s alleged sex trafficking parties because they wanted “access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artists, musicians, and international dignitaries like British Royal, Prince Harry.”

Meanwhile, federal officials revealed that they were acting on specific allegations of sex trafficking when they raided two of Diddy’s homes on Monday.

They say his alleged victims have not been holding back during interviews.

An officer with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reportedly told The New York Post the case has been active for several weeks.

Authorities have been investigating a range of allegations against the 54-year-old rapper and mogul.

“We believe that there is a disturbing history of sex trafficking,” said the Miami-based officer, who spoke to the outlet under the condition of anonymity.

“We are responding to concrete, detailed, explicit allegations.

“This is not random. We didn’t choose his name out of a hat.

“We had allegations that we’re following up on.”

Authorities are interviewing alleged victims and witnesses, including three women and one man who are suing Diddy in civil court, according to sources who reportedly spoke to the Post.

The DHS operative said those who had been interviewed for the investigation have been very thorough and detailed.

“That’s a funny thing about victims,” they told the Post.

“They may be reluctant to speak at first, but once they start talking, they talk.

“They talk a lot,” the source revealed.

“We are getting a lot of cooperation from a lot of people who want to see him brought to justice.”

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