Silk Details Diamond’s ‘Sudden’ Death, Raises Alarm: ‘I Want America to Wake Up’

During Saturday’s memorial for Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, Rochelle “Silk” Richardson revealed that her sister “died suddenly” in front of her.

Silk told attendees about the harrowing moment Diamond collapsed in her kitchen.

During her speech, Silk appeared to suggest to the crowd, which included President Donald Trump and other high-profile guests, that she believed Diamond’s sudden death was linked to the mRNA shot.

While she didn’t specifically mention the jabs, her comments led many to suggest that it was what Silk was insinuating.

Although Diamond and Silk have been vocally anti-vax, many people have come forward to speak out against the shots after being jabbed, including, most recently, Twitter boss Elon Musk.

After recalling Diamond’s sudden death, Silk called on the American people “to wake up” and demand “answers to why our people are falling dead suddenly.”

“There’s something going on!” she added while calling for investigations.

In her emotional statement, Silk detailed the moment Diamond collapsed.

“As soon as Diamond hung up the phone, she said to me, ‘I can’t breathe.’ It was sudden, out of nowhere, and no warning,” Silk said.

“I got her to the kitchen table, opened up the back door so that she can get some air.

“And, each breath was less and less and less, until her eyes became a stare…

“My husband and I followed the 911 instructions from the lady.

“We laid her. Like they told us to lay her flat,” she recalled.

“They said do CPR. And it was one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four…

“My husband and I alternated and kept going and going and going, until the emergency truck came into the yard and the EMS came into the house.

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“They did everything that they could,” she insisted.

“So what I want to say to everybody is don’t you dare call me a conspiracy theorist.

“Because I saw it happen. I saw how it happened.

“I was there when it happened and it happened suddenly.

I want America to wake up and pay attention,” Silk declared,

“Something ain’t right. It’s time to investigate what’s really going on here!

“And get some answers to why our people are falling dead suddenly.”

Silk then went on to say, “Instead of asking if Americans are vaxxed or unvaxxed the real question is are they being poisoned.”


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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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