Soros-Funded Leftist Prosecutor Defeated by GOP Challenger in Virginia’s Loudon County

George Soros-funded radical leftist prosecutor Buta Biberaj has lost her re-election bid in Virginia’s Loudon County to a Republican challenger.

Republicans have raised legitimate concerns in recent years over the efforts of Soros to financially back the campaigns of far-left progressive prosecutors.

The leftist billionaire has been backing the campaigns of those who tend to be soft on career criminals and focus more on social justice instead of actual justice.

However, one Soros-backed prosecutor in Virginia, Loudon County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj, has been ousted from office by voters.

Biberaj has just been replaced by a Republican prosecutor named Bob Anderson, according to Breitbart.

That unexpected result is all the more stunning in light of the substantial financial disparity in that county-level prosecutor’s election.

Democrat Biberaj reportedly raised more than $1.1 million to fund her re-election campaign compared to just $70,000 raised by Anderson’s campaign.

Biberaj was first elected to that position in 2019, and The Washington Free Beacon reported.

At the time, we won her election with the help of nearly $1 million in contributions from Soros-funded progressive leftist entities.

That included a donation of roughly $850,000 from the Soros-financed Justice and Public Safety organization, a misnamed political action committee based out of Washington D.C. that is focused on anything but actual “justice” or “public safety.”

Biberaj also received in-kind contributions totaling around $18,000 from a Democrat-aligned organization known as the New Virginia Majority.

The organization had just been infused with upward of $75,000 in cash from the above-mentioned Soros-funded PAC earlier that year.

The funding and support she received helped her defeat GOP-appointed Commonwealth’s Attorney Nicole Wittmann by a margin of 51-48% in Virginia’s 2019 elections.

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Fast-forward four years, and the Loudon Times-Mirror reported that Biberaj has now finally conceded the county’s commonwealth’s attorney race to Republican challenger Anderson more than one week after the election.

Anderson had around a 1,000-vote lead on election night but that dwindled to just 300 votes after hundreds of absentee and provisional ballots were accounted for in the days after everybody’s votes were cast last week.

In the end, Anderson was officially declared the victor with 68,068 votes, or 49.92% of the total, compared to Biberaj’s 67,768, or 49.7% of the total.

The remainder of the ballots went to candidates who were written in by voters.

The Times-Mirror reported that Anderson, who previously served as Loudon County’s commonwealth’s attorney from 1996-2003, said in a statement after the election results were certified:

“The voters of Loudoun County have spoken loud and clear: It is time for a new commonwealth’s attorney who will focus on putting violent criminals behind bars, not on failed woke agendas.”

“I will immediately begin transitioning the office to restore commonsense policies and get back to keeping our community safe.

“It’s time to get to work,” he added and noted separately that he had received a “gracious” concession call from Biberaj.

Biberaj appears to have declined to challenge the final results, despite the exceptionally close margin.

The Virginia Mercury reported that the “controversial” Biberaj had faced sharp criticisms from Democrats and Republicans alike over her progressive agenda that included non-prosecution of supposedly low-level and non-violent criminals.

Many of those crooks soon re-offend or elevate their criminality to include violence.

She also faced rebuke over her attempted prosecution of the father of a high school student rape victim who spoke out angrily about the incident at a school board meeting.

The wrongly charged man was later pardoned by Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

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