Stephen Colbert Makes Public Apology to Michigan Voter before Trashing Him Again

Liberal talk show host Stephen Colbert caved and made a public apology to a Michigan voter who said he has flipped from Democrat to Republican.

During a segment on his show, Colbert mocked Mulsim-American voter Khalil Othman and claimed he wasn’t real.

Othman is an angry parent who had enough of the Democrats and told Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon that schools have adult-themed books in their libraries.

But Colbert claimed that Dixon “totally made up” Othman and his story.

“Dixon’s not the only one worried about this issue,” Colbert told his viewers.

“So is this guy she totally made up.”

Khalil Othman fired back saying: “To claim that I’m not here, I don’t exist, I’m not human, that’s absolute ignorance.

“If this person did his due diligence and start researching or has his team do a little bit of research of who’s this person who attended Dixon’s rally, they will be able to find my name right away easy on social media.

“Just Google it. My name is Khalil Othman,” he said.

“I came all the way from Dearborn, Michigan.

“I am a proud Muslim American who expresses my values and concerns all the time.

“Dearborn has been voting Democrat blue for the last decade or two decades.

“But not anymore.

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“On behalf of myself and my family, I guarantee you for sure that my family and my friends will vote for Republicans.

“Never once did I ever vote Republican.

“However, the situation with the sexually explicit material in the schools was for me a bridge too far.

“When it comes to my kids and my family, I will not budge.”

“The Democratic establishment has been ruling Dearborn for the last two decades.

“The parents did not receive any kind of support from the whole top leadership, all elected officials, all Democratic leadership.”

Colbert issued a short-lived apology to Othman on his show before almost immediately trashing him again.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t make many mistakes that I’m willing to admit,” Colbert said.

“But when I do, I’m big enough to admit them.

“During a debate, she told a story that frankly I doubted.

“This very real person deserves an apology because he says, ‘To claim that I’m not here, I don’t exist, I’m not human, that’s absolute ignorance.’

“So I would like to apologize.

“It is a terrible thing for someone to deny your very existence.

“Just ask trans people.

“Therefore, I, Stephen Colbert, acknowledge that you exist and ask that you forgive me.

“OK, fair enough,” he added.

“But I will point out that Dixon never said your name.

“So what am I supposed to search for?” Colbert asked Othman.

“All she said was I had a gentleman come up to me, and he said I found content in my school library describing how to have sex to my son.

“He said that should be enough.

“So let’s Google some keywords from that sentence.

“I’m a parent and I believe that every parent has the right to be aware of what their kids see and read just like everyone learning about this story has the right to know that as recently as October last month, this guy claimed to be a Democratic politician but switched after he lost his primary and packed up his toys and went off in a huff to support an election-denying, transphobic, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist.

“What a wonderful example for all of our children.

“By the way, fella, if you didn’t know that about Tudor Dixon before you supported her, you should Google it,” he said.


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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