Ted Cruz Shreds Democrats during SCOTUS Hearing: ‘No One Is Going to Inquire into Your Teenage Dating Habits’

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz dropped the hammer on Democrats during Monday’s SCOTUS hearing by reminding the nation of the last two Supreme Court nominations.

As the first of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings got underway today, Sen. Cruz recalled the behavior of Democrat senators and protesters during the Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett confirmation hearings.

With a brutal one-liner, Cruz told Jackson: “No one is going to inquire into your teenage dating habits.”


Other senators were also quick to remind Democrats of their past actions.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee also weighed in, saying: “When we’re focused used on things that we have no business doing, like bringing forward spurious last minute, uncorroborated accusations of a personal nature, we neglect the importance of talking about the jurisprudential role, the philosophy that guides individual jurists.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said: “The Obama White House sent us roughly 68,000 pages of material.

“But more than 38,000 pages are repeated copies of an email thread keeping track of tweets about the Garland nomination.

“Those emails contain one tweet about Judge Jackson. More than 13,000 pages are just lists of previous nominations.

“So that leaves only 16,000 pages that we received from the White House that aren’t obviously useless like all the other documents we received.

“But, for comparison, the White House has still withheld 48,000 pages under the Presidential Records Act and FOIA exemptions.

“That’s a lot of hiding.”

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Lindsey Graham said:

“I want to know about your judicial philosophy because people on the left, the far extreme part of the Left, believe that you were the best bet.

“And I want to know why they reached that conclusion.

“As to the historic nature of your appointment, I understand.

“But when I get lectured about this from my Democratic colleagues, I remember Janice Rogers Brown, an African-American woman, that was filibustered by the same people praising you.

“I remember Miguel Estrada, one of the finest people I ever met, completely wiped out.

“He didn’t make the cut. A well-lived life just completely ruined.

“So if you’re a Hispanic or African-American conservative, it’s about your philosophy. Now it’s going to be about the historic nature of the pick.

“It’s not gonna fly with us.

“We’re used to it by now, at least I am. So it’s not gonna matter a bit to any of us. We’re going to ask you what we think you need to be asked.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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