Teen Girl Sues Doctors over Irreversible Sex-Change Surgery at 13

A teenage girl is suing doctors after she was railroaded into having irreversible sex-change surgery when she was just 13 years old.

Layla Jane is an 18-year-old biological female who has de-transitioned after “identifying” as transgender as a child.

Jane says doctors frightened her into going through with transgender treatments by warning her that she would end up killing herself if she didn’t comply.

After she agreed to go along with the process, the doctors surgically removed both of her breasts.

Jane says she became confused about her gender after being convinced she was a boy while going through a tomboy phase when she was 11.

At the time, doctors had led her to believe that she could take drugs and undergo surgery to achieve the impossible –  changing genders.

Initially, doctors at the Kaiser Permanente hospital system denied her “gender transition” hormones until she turned 16 years old.

However, they suddenly changed course and approved Jane for cross-sex hormones.

At age 12, Jane was put through the “torment” of testosterone hormones and puberty blockers.

At age 13, doctors approved and carried out a left-changing double mastectomy on Jane.

“Mind boggling to me that a doctor signed off on a double mastectomy for me before I had taken a sex ed course,” Jane wrote on Twitter.

“I barely started 8th grade, I was 13.”

The letter of intent to sue accused the doctors of approving the breast-removal surgery “without performing an adequate evaluation and treatment of Layla’s extensive mental health co-morbidities.”

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The letter from her attorneys at LiMandri and Jonna LLP claimed that Jane suffers from anxiety, depression, pubertal struggles, body dysmorphia, and serious self-image concerns.

“These doctors also pushed Layla and her parents down this transition path engaging in intentional, malicious, and oppressive concealment of important information and false representations,” the letter stated.

The lawsuit against Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals also accused the hospital system of “intentional fraud and concealment.”

According to the lawsuit, doctors warned that Jane would have an increased risk of suicide unless she transitioned.

Doctors allegedly gave Jane’s parents an ultimatum, warning them they only have two options: A “live son” or a “dead daughter.”

The lawsuit is calling for unspecified financial damages related to health issues related to the transition from ages 12 to 17.

Jane’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon argues that the teen is suffering from permanent irreversible mutilation, an induced state of endocrine disease, an increased risk of being infertile, and will never be able to breastfeed a child.

“I don’t think I’m better off for the experience, and I think transition just completely added fuel to the fire that was my pre-existing conditions,” Jane said during an appearance on Fox News with Dhillon.

Dhillon is also representing Chloe Cole – another California teen de-transitioner who sued Kaiser Permanente hospital system last month.

Cole had her breasts surgically removed when she was only 15 years old.

Kaiser issued a statement saying that its doctors “practice compassionate, evidence-based medicine founded on sound research and best medical practices.”

“When adolescent patients, with parental support, seek gender-affirming care, the patient’s care team carefully evaluates their treatment options,” Kaiser spokesman Marc Brown said.

“The care decisions always rest with the patient and their parents, and, in every case, we respect the patients and their families’ informed decisions about their personal health.”

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By Frank Bergman

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