Texas Bystander Tackles Cop-Killing Drunk Driver Trying to Escape Fatal Crash Scene

A Texas bystander sprang into action after a drunk driver tried to run away from the scene of a fatal car crash that killed a police officer.

The hero Texan chased down the cop killer and tackled him to the ground after spotting him trying to escape.

The incident was all caught on video.

Off-duty Euless Police Detective Alex Cervantes was killed when 26-year-old drunk driver Dylan Molina ran a red light in November 2021.

Molina crashed his rented Jeep into the sedan Cervantes was driving.

The officer’s two young children were sitting in the back seat and his wife was sitting in the passenger seat.

The crash killed Cervantes while the rest of his family survived but were injured.

Detective Cervantes’s wife was in critical condition.

Molina was twice the legal limit for blood alcohol as he sped through the city’s streets before running the stop sign, Fox4News reported.

A video of the incident was released on Wednesday.

The newly released video shows Molina standing around after the crash as witnesses attempted to pull Detective Cervantes’ wife and two sons from the smashed sedan.

He then decides to run from the scene.

A man who appeared to be attempting to keep Molina from fleeing gave chase.

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Molina only makes it a few yards before drunkenly falling, face first, into bricks circling a tree bed.

As he tries to get up, the good Samaritan tackles the man and pins him down.

“You stay right there, mother f**ker!” the man screams at Molina.

“You see what you did?!

“You think you’re going to f**king leave.

“You f**king killed somebody you mother f**ker!”

The person filming the incident then turns back to the crash as bystanders desperately attempt to open the car to render aid to the injured family.

WATCH (Warning: Explicit language):

Police have also charged the bartender who allegedly over-served Molina shortly before the crash.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop bartender Cala Richardson faces a misdemeanor charge for allegedly serving Molina 16 single shots and eight doubles in a three-hour period, Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian told the local Fox affiliate.

“Eight doubles, 16 single shots, is more than anybody should have in a three-hour period. Maybe even at all,” the chief stated.

“Clearly, not in a good place to be operating a vehicle.

“Clearly intoxicated. he’s holding another one of those double vodka and Red Bull drinks there, and then he simply walks away.”

After showing the videos above to Cervantes’ wife, Chief Manoushagian decided to release them to the public this week.

Manoushagian said they want everyone to see it because “it highlights a heartbreaking story that hopefully someone can learn from,” Fox4News reported.

“The offense of driving while intoxicated is something that we’re not going to tolerate,” he concluded.

Molina pleaded guilty in January to intoxication manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Molina also faced a DWI charge in Sansom Park, Texas, from a few months before the fatal crash.

Fox reported he was not actually charged in the incident until after the fatal crash.

That charge was tied into his 15-year intoxication manslaughter sentence.

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