MTG Releases Security Footage of Swatting Attack: ‘They Wanted Me Murdered’

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has released the security camera footage of the recent swatting attack on her home, saying that the people behind it hoped “police would kill me.”

Greene showed the footage during an interview with Right Side Broadcasting Network.

“Absolutely, 100%, they wanted me to be murdered, death by cop,” she said.

“That’s what swatting is,” Greene continued.

“And they were doing this in hopes that the police would kill me.

“It was truly a God thing that I had that feeling not to carry that gun with me to the front door because had I have done that, we would have been in a whole different scenario because I probably would have been the target, and that is the whole purpose of swatting someone.”


In a statement earlier this week, Greene recalled the harrowing incident when armed police descended on her home while her family was inside.

“So I was sound asleep,” she said.

“Um, of course never expected anyone to be coming to my house at that time in the morning.

“Um, heard some knocks on the door, heard my doorbell, saw some lights outside, heard people outside my windows, in my yard.

“I jumped out of bed. Threw my clothes on and I picked up my gun.

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“That was, that was my instinct because I’m a gun owner. I’m a second amendment supporter.

“And I, I believe in defending myself and normally I answer the door with a gun, especially if it’s someone that I don’t expect coming to my home.

“But for some reason I had this weird gut instinct to not take my gun with me to the front door, which is, was very out of the norm for me.

“So I put my gun down and I just went down the hallway and the house was still dark.

“I saw the police outside and they, you know, they had their guns, they were ready because they had received a terrible phone call to the 911 center.

“And so I walked up there and I saw them and I was really startled.

“I opened the door and the officer standing there, he said, ‘Ma’am, are, are you okay? Is everything okay here?’

“But it was the body posture of the police.

“Uh, that was really concerning me.

“Like, it had me even, I was upset. I was afraid.

“I was like, there’s something terribly wrong.

“I could not believe someone would do that.

“And I was shocked because they put not only did they put my life and my family’s life in danger, they also put the police officer’s lives in danger.

“That’s how people, that’s how people accidentally get killed.

“These police officers are great though, Jack. I can’t say enough great things about them.

“But in other situations, let’s say if there’s, uh, you know, a police officer that has a happy trigger finger, you know, you don’t know what could happen if they saw me with a gun, they may have fired at me.

“I would hope not. But that’s what has happened in the past with swatting.

“That’s why being swatted or swatting is so dangerous.

“It’s actually, it’s like a death by cop. It is a murder.

“It’s someone that is sending police to in their hopes, kill the person that they’re targeting.

“And, you know, in this case now that we know, uh, the, what the guy said, we known it’s political terrorist,” she said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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