Biden Giving Control of U.S. Food Supply to Foreign Countries, Kristi Noem Warns

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem has issued a warning that Democrat President Joe Biden is giving control over America’s food supply to foreign countries.

Gov. Noem raised the alarm during an appearance on Newsmax, warning of the national security threat of foreign entities buying up our food supply.

”Our food supply is our national security policy,” Noem told host Eric Bolling.

“It just is. For years, I’ve been watching foreign countries, other entities that are not friends of the United States, buy up our fertilizer companies, our chemical companies, our processing systems, and those entities.

”Now we see other people buying hundreds of thousands of acres of land; and, listen, many times it is foreign entities in some of these states as well.

“So we have countries like China that own all these different pieces, and they’re not dummies.

“They know that when they control our food supply, they control us.

”So this is a national security policy issue that the American people need to be aware of.

”We’ve always had in the United States of America a priority of keeping safe and affordable food supply that’s diversified, so one person or one country doesn’t control it.

”We are losing that.

“We’re losing that on Joe Biden’s watch, and it is a concern for us, our country, and for those families out there that are looking to feed their kids every week when they go to the grocery store.”

”I don’t really play in hypotheticals,” she said on being a possible GOP VP pick.

”What I’ve said, though, is that if President Trump runs, I certainly will support him.

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“His policies were great for our country.

“You know, I think that it’s important that people recognize that leadership has consequences.

“All you have to do is go from state to state to see the consequences of who was sitting in that governor’s office, and all of us should be evaluated by the decisions that we made.”

”I have no idea,” she said when asked who it might be at the top of the Republican primary.

”You know, I’m running for reelection here, to stay and be the governor of South Dakota.

“So I hope that people here want to keep me.

”I think we’re thriving here and bringing a lot of hope to this country, and it would be incredible if I could get the opportunity to continue to serve the folks here.”

”Those were unique times, unprecedented times. And in many of those decisions, I stood alone,” she said of her pandemic response.

”But it was right for our constitution.

“It was the right decision then and now, and South Dakota’s thriving because of it.

“I’m so proud of our state and what we did together.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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