Tom Cotton Reminds USA What A Creep Joe Biden Is: “They do this all the time when they’re losing an argument on the merits”

Tom Cotton went on Fox News to remind the American people of what a creep President Joe Biden is. Biden is on the ropes. He is an incompetent. Always was, but he was shielded by living in a deep blue state so he never faced any real electoral competition his entire career. 

Biden has been exposed as the worst kind of wishy-washy DC swamp politician who goes along to get along.  He led the charge to allow corporations, many based in Delaware, to run roughshod over the American people, leaving us dependent on China and a foreign-dominated supply chain.

Competition has been reduced and corporate power has been concentrated because Joe Biden and guys like him are not the best and brightest among us but dim bulbs looking for a handout. It really is that simple.

Biden’s biggest accomplishment before Obama made him his VP was letting credit card companies, many based in Delaware, gouge Americans. He got paid, you got screwed, and he still wears that creepy, fake smile like he gives a damn. He does not.

Tom Cotton didn’t have to look that far in the past to remind America who Joe Biden really is. He went back one year to when Biden jumped to conclusions about Kyle Rittenhouse.

The media and Joe are going to look like morons when Kyle’s jury acquits although you will never hear an apology from any of them.

Tom said:

“I want to focus on what Joe Biden said last year, which is calling this young man a white supremacist based on a few seconds of video. 

“As I often say, when there’s a shooting like this, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on some video circulating on social media. 

“You should allow all the facts to be collected and make a reasoned judgment. But when Joe Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist last year, it really was just the go-to move of the Democrats. 

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“They do this all the time when they’re losing an argument on the merits. They don’t like parents going to school boards to protest what their kids are learning or school closures, so those parents are called racists. 

“They don’t like that Virginians elected Republicans last week, so they condemn Virginia voters as racist. They don’t like the United States Constitution or the norms and the customs of the United States Senate, so they call it racist. 

“They are constantly losing arguments with the American people, and then they just revert to name-calling towards their opponents. It’s not a sign of a party that is strong or healthy,” he said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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