Top ‘Woke’ Prosecutor Admits Democrats Are Destroying America: ‘We Created a Culture’ of Lawlessness

San Francisco’s “woke” district attorney has come clean and admitted the Democrats’ policies are ruining America while blasting the “culture” of lawlessness in the city and around the country.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins made the admission to a group of concerned citizens.

“Right now, we have a city that’s been lacking in accountability,” Jenkins said.

“We have created a culture, not just in San Francisco but quite frankly around the country, that people believe you can walk into a store, take what you want, and walk out, while the rest of us stand there waiting to pay.”

Jenkins, a Democrat, continued by insisting that judges are to blame for soaring crime for failing to jail criminals.

“You want to know why it still looks crazy out there despite the fact that police have arrested hundreds of drug dealers in the last year-plus?” she said.

“We have filed 200 motions to keep drug dealers in jail who are repeat offenders, are egregious sellers — 17 have been granted.

“We do everything we can and you can see the same person out on the street the same day.

“Repeat and chronic offenders are selling the most deadly substance we’ve seen in this city.

“That tells you something about what has been going on in the courtrooms of this city.

“The judges are not taking this seriously.

“The judges are ignoring it.”

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According to WTTW:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that theft cost American retailers nearly $100 billion last year.

In Illinois, the chamber estimates more than $2 billion worth of goods were stolen from retailers in 2021, but it says the cost to Illinois businesses was more than double that when other factors are taken into account.

One major change occurring over the past decade or so is that organized crime gangs have moved into retail theft in a big way, say retail experts.

Rob Karr, CEO of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, says stores started to notice a change in the pattern of retail thefts about 12 years ago.

“Some of the larger stores’ loss prevention units started to notice that there were these groups that would go literally state to state, store to store, and steal a large amount of things and monetize them,” said Karr.

“It has grown in complexity and it has grown exponentially in terms of its scope.

“You have these organized retail crime syndicates who come in and sweep large amounts of merchandise in an extraordinarily short period of time and then ship them all over the world for profit.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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