Ex-Clinton Strategist Breaks Silence: ‘Democrats Whine Too Much, Quit Being a Whiny Party’

Former President Bill Clinton’s top political strategist James Carville has broken his silence about the fading electoral prospects for the Democrats in the looming midterm elections.

Carville says current members of Democratic Party “whine too much” and they should “gloat” about any accomplishment they can find before it is too late.

Carville went on NBC News’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd to admonish his party.

When asked how or if Biden could turn things around before the Democrats get swept away by a massive red wave, Carville said:

“You gloat and you promote.

“You talk about the fact that we pretend to care about child poverty, it’s the lowest child poverty rate we’ve had in history.

“We claim that we care about hourly workers.

“Hourly workers today have more leverage than any time we’ve had in my 77 years of existence on this planet, all right? You talk about we want jobs – 6.4 million jobs.

“More jobs than any president ever created in the first term.

“I think a lot of the Democratic base has not been told or informed of the things that President Biden and this Congress has accomplished.

“But to me, those are things that if I’m a Democrat, I would much more care about that than some word in a dictionary – that children are going to bed with a full stomach and a warm house.

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“I care that somebody, an hourly worker, isn’t sitting there working away at $7.25 an hour.

“And I see these signs all over Louisiana and south Mississippi, $700 signing bonus.

“Those are real accomplishments.

“And it’s something you can run on.

“Again, you don’t talk about what you didn’t get.

“What you do, Chuck, is you run on what you got.

“You don’t run on what you didn’t get.

“You got to go out and you got to gloat and you got to promote and if inflation is still at 7% this year in November we’ll lose anyway, but a lot of people don’t think that will be the case.”


“Progressives aren’t happy right now with how Build Back Better has gone, African-American activists are not happy with how voting rights has gone, and if you look at the polling, honestly, the thing that’s cratering the most are independents,” Todd said.

“You’re the president, what do you fix first?”

Carville said: “Democrats whine too much, Chuck.

“Quit being a whiny party and get out there and fight.

“Soldier on this is a tough, hard business.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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