Trump Gives Biden Advice: ‘When I Was in the White House We Had Peace Through Strength’

President Donald Trump has offered some advice to Joe Biden and how to keep America’s enemies under control.

The 45th brought down the house during a speech he made on the “American Freedom Tour” in South Florida.

Trump reminded the crowd why world leaders treated him differently from Democrat President Joe Biden.

After Saudi Arabia recently snubbed Biden by refusing to take his calls, many critics have argued that it would never happen to Trump.

President Trump echoed this sentiment when he told the crowd in Florida:

“When I was in the White House we had peace through strength.

“They didn’t f*ck around with us.”

The American Freedom Tour “is a celebration of faith, family, unalienable rights and God-given American freedoms. Never before have America’s greatest conservative insiders and influencers come together for an event to unify an entire nation of silenced voices.

“In a time when so many in the media and government are tearing down America and its people, the American Freedom Tour celebrates America and what makes us great.”

Trump also talked about 2022 and 2024: “With the support of everyone in this room, we will take back the House, we will take back the Senate and we will take back our country, and then most importantly in 2024, we are going to take back our beautiful White House.

“You had a president that always put America first.

“I will be back and we will be better and stronger than ever before.”

Last year, Trump said he would win the GOP nomination if he runs. He said:

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“I think if I run, I’ll get it.

Look, I have a 94, 95 percent, even in the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), I had a 98 percent approval rating.

“So if I decide to run, I’ll get it very easily.

“Most people have said if I run, they won’t run against me so I think that’s good.”

Dem special interest groups are already attacking Trump before he has officially announced in a sign of what’s to come.

From Newsweek:

American Bridge, a pro-Democratic super PAC, has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) alleging that former President Donald Trump is violating campaign finance laws by spending money from his PAC on events for himself while he hasn’t yet officially stated whether he will be a presidential candidate in 2024.

Trump has both raised and spent “well over” $5,000 in funds related to “advancing his own presidential campaign,” the complaint alleges.

American Bridge states that federal campaign finance laws dictate that Trump would have been required to file paperwork declaring his candidacy within 15 days of raising or spending over $5,000 on things that could “influence his election.”

Trump has commented about a potential 2024 run on several occasions, which the complaint from American Bridge details, and has been the main opponent that polls have placed opposite President Joe Biden to measure early public opinion on the next presidential election.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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