Trump Slams Biden’s First Year in Office: ‘I Had No Idea the Country Could Go Down So Badly and So Quickly’

President Donald Trump has given his review on Democrat Joe Biden’s first year in office.

Speaking to Fox News about Biden’s “disastrous” Wednesday press conference, Trump held nothing back, saying: “I had no idea the country could go down so badly and so quickly.

“The words supply chain never really came up.

“It was something that we had, nobody had any problems, these were not two words in the vocabulary.

“They were not in the vocabulary of the administration, because everything was running like a fine-tuned machine.

“And we didn’t have any problems with the supply chain.”

Trump said he went to Los Angeles and “saw the massive containers, thousands and thousands of them where they dock the ships, in the loading and unloading areas and I will tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

He continued: “They are stacked up to the sky.

“It is going to take a long time for them to break it up.

“It is very bad, very bad. It’s going to take a long time to fix it.

“As an example, I did a book and the book turned out to be a tremendous success, and we sold over 200,000 copies of the book which is much more because this is a picture book.

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“Now, what we’re doing is going out for 300,000 more books, and they don’t even have paper.

“They have no paper, they have no glue, they have no leather, you know the outside binding.

“This is a company that’s been in business for many years, I think the largest or second-largest printer in the country and they said they’ve never seen anything like this, they’ve never had anything like this.

“We accomplished very early on the greatest tax cuts in history, the greatest regulation cuts in history, Space Force, we re-built the military over a period of time and re-built the military.

“We did things that nobody thought.

“Anwar, we got Anwar approved. Ronald Reagan tried to get it done, everybody did, nobody could get it done, we got it.

“Would have been perhaps the biggest drilling site, energy site in the world and it was terminated by Biden and Lisa Murkowski made it possible to have it terminated.

“You know, all of these things, we’ve done so much, and now I’m watching what’s happening to our country and our country is being absolutely destroyed. Destroyed.

“Our dignity, our strength, it is being sapped and destroyed.”

“It is hard to believe.

“China is dictating terms to us. Russia on Ukraine. China with Taiwan.

“Kim Jong Un as you know of North Korea is sending up missile after missile and very importantly, Iran is having a lot of fun doing whatever they want.

“And our country looks like it is just weak and incompetently run.

“So many things. Here we go again. Here we go again.

“I never thought I’d see our country look so weak and ineffective.”

“I think you’re going to see a lot of people are going to be very happy, because, if you look at the polls, you know what they’re saying,” Trump said on running again.

“And they’ve never been stronger.

“I’ve never had polls so strong.”

“They’re also now looking at what we’ve done.

“I would be able to bring it back and bring it back quickly,” he said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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