The case is New York v. Trump, No. 71543-23, in the New York Supreme Court for New York County.

Meanwhile, Trump is warning that the Democrats are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop him from winning in November.

As Slay News reported, Trump issued a video statement warning that the Democrats are planning to relaunch the pandemic in order to “rig the 2024 election.”

According to Trump, the Democrats are planning to bring back pandemic-era restrictions in order to help Biden “win” the critical election.

Such a move would see the return of lockdownsschool closuresmaskingvaccine mandates, and, of course, mail-in ballots.

“They want to restart the Covid hysteria so they can justify more lockdowns, more censorship, more illegal drop boxes, more mail-in ballots, and trillions of dollars in payoffs to their political allies heading into the 2024 election.

“That sound familiar?

“These are bad and sick people we’re dealing with,” Trump notes.

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