Trump Vows to Scrap Biden’s Green Agenda Policies, Roll Back EV Mandates

President Donald Trump has vowed to scrap the radical green agenda policies that have been implemented under the current administration if he’s elected in November.

Countless supporters of Trump’s 2024 campaign are optimistic about his willingness to put the brakes on many of the far-left environmental policies that have taken hold since Democrat President Joe Biden entered the White House.

However, it appears that those supporters had good reason to be optimistic.

As the Washington Post reports, Trump has already made significant commitments to rolling back Biden’s electric vehicle (EV) mandates.

Trump has also pledged to reverse many of the other restrictive climate policies the current administration has advanced, in what is surely music to the ears of millions across the country.

The 45th president’s latest iteration of his plans upon reclaiming the Oval Office came during a large Saturday evening rally in New Jersey.

As the Post Millennial reports, Trump did not hold back in terms of his promises to turn things around.

In particular, Trump out much of his focus on the auto industry.

“On day one, I will immediately terminate Joe Biden’s insane electric vehicle mandate, and there will be NO BAN on gas cars,” Trump told the appreciative crowd.

“There will be no ban anywhere in the United States of America”

As the Carolina Journal explains,  not everyone who will be heading to the polls this November grasps the expansive nature of Biden’s environmental regulations.

Yet, Trump views it as an existential threat to the nation’s economy that he is committed to eradicate.

According to the Journal, the Biden EPA recently finalized regulations that will effectively eliminate the sale of new gas-powered trucks and cars in under eight years.

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The overarching purpose of the rules is to remove consumer choice and force Americans into electric vehicles, whether they want them or not.

By forcing the industry to switch to all EVs, Biden is handing a gift to China while American automakers struggle.

Rather than attempting to impose an unlawful ban on gas cars, the EPA has instead set emissions standards at a level that no currently available gas, diesel, or hybrid options can achieve.

This would, in practice, force automakers to shift their emphasis to the production of almost exclusively electric vehicles by 2032.

According to the Post, Trump has put together a plan of action to appease those justifiably concerned about the Biden push.

Despite the industry repeatedly warning the White House of the negative impact of the failing green agenda policies, Biden’s draconian regulations continue to emerge apace.

Trump explained that it was in the companies’ best interest to assist him in winning a second term.

Trump said he plans to reverse a host of Biden environmental policies – not just those relating to EVs – and halt the development of new ones.

By doing so, Trump hopes to reignite the struggling automotive industry and bring jobs back to America.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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