Tucker Carlson Issues Warning about Biden and Lindsey Graham

Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a warning about the “failed” foreign policy records of Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democrat President Joe Biden.

The host took aim at Biden and Graham during his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he blasted the track records of the two long-time politicians.

“It’s a little galling to be lectured by people with impossibly generous Congressional pensions about sacrifices that you get to make, but it’s especially infuriating to hear the last guy who is speaking about food prices that have skipped very few meals recently tell you that looking at history, informs you of everything you need to know about the future,” Carlson said.

“Really, what sort of history we are talking about?

“Did Lindsey Graham, who supposedly cares about the military, do a single thing to improve it (the botched Afghan withdrawal)?

“Did he call for the resignation of any person responsible for that humiliating disaster that resulted in the deaths of American citizens?

“No, he didn’t. And those same people are now in charge of our strategy in Ukraine.

“But the bigger question, really, for Lindsey Graham is – When is the last time he did anything, one thing, to improve the life of an American citizen other than himself?”

Calson said earlier:

“You may have noticed that Joe Biden announced today a new front in his ongoing war against America’s middle class.

“Biden didn’t frame it that way, of course, Democrats rarely say what they mean.

“They tell you it’s about something else.

“In this case, Biden told us it was about Vladimir Putin.

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“Biden explained that we’re going to hurt Putin by making it illegal for Americans to buy Russian energy.

“This, he said, will amount to a massive moral victory for us.

“We’re going to feel great about ourselves. And at the same time, it will be a crushing defeat for the Russians who of course, deserve it.

“So, it’s one of those rare occasions when we could see the good guys win and the bad guys lose. Hurray.

“Around Washington, you could almost hear the feverish applause as Biden finished speaking.

“Every constituency loved it,” he said.

“The media agreed that Joe Biden had never seemed more presidential.

“Democratic officials seemed deeply relieved. For once, they could talk about something other than COVID and the southern border.

“They’d rather be on offense than defense.

“So, who exactly are these sanctions aimed at?

“Think about it: If you want to identify the target of a penalty, consider who’s going to suffer most from it.

“And in this case, the answer could not be clear. It’s middle-income Americans.

“They’re the ones who were crushed for two years under COVID restrictions.

“They’re the ones who are about to be pummeled by shutting down more energy sources.

“Notice a theme here? The people in charge hate the middle class above all.

“So, it’s not Vladimir Putin who’s getting punished, it’s American citizens.

“It’s you. It’s not speculation.

“Gas prices are already the highest they have ever been in history and they’re about to get even higher—potentially much, much higher.

“So will the price of natural gas and the price of electricity and food and everything else you buy that has to be transported more than 100 yards from where it was made, which is to say every single thing in your life.

“This is not good news for you, no matter what Washington is currently claiming.

“You are about to get a lot poorer.

“That’s guaranteed,” he said.

“You’ll notice as you read this that is the one thing that somehow Joe Biden forgot to mention today.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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