Tucker Carlson Puts Bill Clinton on Notice, Demands Congress Launches Investigation into Jeffrey Epstein

Fox News star Tucker Carlson has put Bill Clinton on notice by calling on Congress to launch an investigation into deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his powerful friends.

Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in prison after being convicted of her role in the sex trafficking operation last year.

However, prosecutors have refused to reveal exactly who Epstein and Maxwell were trafficking underage girls to.

The so-called “client list” has been kept hidden from the public by the courts.

Yet America wants to know who was on Epstein’s client list.

During his Fox News show, Carlson raised some important questions on his show before demanding the new GOP Congress opens an investigation into the late pedophile.

In particular, Carlson highlighted some of the many inconsistencies regarding Epstein’s death.

“It’s all very strange and the story gets much stranger once you start pressing a little bit,” Carlson said.

“We’ve pressed pretty hard for the last few days on this question, not because we have any special affection for Jeffrey Epstein.

“We’ve pressed because you don’t want to live in a country where it’s possible to murder people in federal lockup, cover up the killings, and then get away with them. That’s scary.

“That should not be allowed in this or any other civilized place, but in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, it appears that it was allowed and on one level, you can see why it was.

“This is one of those crimes that has no natural constituency pushing to solve it.

“The only people who liked Jeffrey Epstein were his friends, and some of them are clearly happy he’s dead.

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“Here’s Bill Gates, whom records show spent quite a bit of time with Jeffrey Epstein after he became a registered sex offender.”

Carlson then played a clip of Gates being grilled by a reporter:

REPORTER: What did you do when you found out about his background?

BILL GATES: Well, you know, I said I regretted having those dinners and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing new on that.

REPORTER: Is there a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this?

GATES: Well, he’s dead. So, you know, in general, you always have to be careful

“’Well, he’s dead, along with his many secrets about me and the rest of our friends.’ Oh, we’re so sorry,” Carlson said, mocking Bill Gates.

“So, so sorry. You can imagine that Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew and many, many others feel the same way.

“No one wants to talk about what happened to Jeffrey Epstein, because privately, a lot of people are happy about what happened to Jeffrey Epstein.

“This week, we’ve called virtually every person involved in the story surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death and with very few exceptions, none of them would speak to us.

“Some of them hung up immediately. Others declined all comment.

“One of them, the DOJ case officer supposedly assigned to investigate Epstein’s death, refused even to acknowledge that he worked for the federal government.

“’I’m not going to confirm or deny that,’ said Mr. Lyeson Daniel when we reached him on his cell phone. ‘Why is that?’ We asked him. ‘I’m not going to confirm or deny that,’ he repeated.

“For his part, former Attorney General Bill Barr also turned down an offer to come on tonight.

“He did not explain why. One person we did speak to at length is Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark, his only living relative.

“The two were never in business together, but Mark Epstein wound up more financially successful, even than his famous sibling.

“So, he’s not looking for money from the estate.

“He is interested in finding out what happened to his brother.

“On the basis of those conversations with Mark Epstein, as well as with a criminal defense attorney called David Schoen, who also knew Jeffrey Epstein well and met with him in a cell shortly before he died, here is a list of questions that any honest investigator would want the answers to.

“First, why do so many public officials persist in claiming that Jeffrey Epstein attempted suicide in prison once before on July 23, 2019?

“Now, that’s a very convenient claim if you’re trying to convince people that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, but there’s no evidence that it’s true.

“In fact, Jeffrey Epstein himself adamantly denied ever trying to kill himself in prison or out.

“He denied this to his friends, to his lawyers and to prison psychologists. He said instead that he was injured by another inmate.

“That’s why he was in the fetal position on the ground.

“According to David Schoen, who talked to him shortly after that event, Epstein seemed upbeat, happy and confident of his release from jail, but he was very concerned about being hurt by someone in a nearby cell and speaking of nearby cells, were the cells on Epstein’s tier locked for the entire night, the night he was killed?

“We’ve heard from a source that they were not locked, that inmates were able to move from one cell to another, including into Jeffrey Epstein’s cell.

“Can the Bureau of Prisons give us clarity on this? Can they prove otherwise? And by the way, who moved Jeffrey Epstein’s body and who gave the order to do that?

“Epstein was discovered the morning of Aug. 10 by a part-time prison guard called Michael Thomas, who amazingly was the very same guard who discovered him in the fetal position on the floor after his previous falsely reported suicide attempt, but by the time the EMTs arrived, Epstein’s body had been moved to the prison infirmary.

“That’s a clear violation of federal policy. Who ordered that?

“And though Jeffrey Epstein had been dead for at least two hours when the guard found him in his cell, by the time the EMTs arrived, Epstein was clad in a hospital gown.

“That means that somebody, for some reason, cut away Jeffrey Epstein’s prison uniform and redressed his stiffening corpse in new clothes. Why would anyone do that?

“Then to make it even stranger, Jeffrey Epstein’s corpse was intubated, air was blown into his lifeless lungs.

“It’s not clear why. Now, there was handheld video of all of this happening.

“That might explain it, but that video has never been released. In fact, authorities will not even acknowledge that it exists, but it does exist.

“Nor has the EMT’s account of what they saw that day, their mandatory, so-called prehospital care report, ever been released, nor most strikingly of all, are there photographs of Jeffrey Epstein dead in his cell, and that means it’s impossible to know the position of his body when it was found or how he died.

“Was Jeffrey Epstein hanging from a bedsheet, as the authorities insist? They say he was strangled by a ligature of his own making.

“His neck was bloody, but the strip of sheet was not.

“Or was he killed with the electrical cord from his C-PAP machine for sleep apnea?

“That’s what Dr. Baden concluded, because that would be consistent with his actual injuries at autopsy.

“These are very basic questions. These are not conspiracy theories. They’re obvious questions.

“They are the essential questions, in fact, in any legitimate investigation, but apparently nobody has even tried to answer them.

“We dutifully called the Department of Justice today to ask them to explain some of this.

“They refused on the grounds that there’s ‘an active investigation in progress,’ but that is a lie.

“There is no investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

“For moving on four years now, there has never been an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the death of an American citizen.

“Now, we can only speculate as to why that is, but all the explanations are bad and ominous,” he said.

“Maybe someone in the new Republican Congress should look into all of this, not because Jeffrey Epstein was an American hero, but because for once it would be nice to see the federal government forced to tell the truth about something.”


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