Tucker Carlson: ‘If There Was Ever a Time in U.S History to Invoke the 25th Amendment, It Is Now’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has taken off the kid gloves and called for Democrat President Joe Biden to be removed from office using the 25th Amendment.

Calls to invoke the 25th Amendment have been growing since Biden made a series of catastrophic gaffes during his trip to Europe last week.

During his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host lays out his case for removing Biden from office.

“Biden is the president of the United States, and this is the single most volatile moment in the recent history of our country,” Carlson said.

“Biden is leading the U.S. toward war and so it’s fair to assess the effect on the rest of us of his mental and emotional conditions, not simply about age, Biden is 79.

“Biden is clearly unable to speak with precision and when you’re president of the United States and the world hangs on your every word, when your words constitute American policy, when you can change American policy, particularly America’s foreign policy, simply by saying so, it is essential that you speak the words you intend to speak, that you not get carried away because you’re mad and say something you don’t mean that might threaten the long-term interests of this country, threaten the families and the children of the rest of us and our future, but he is.

“That’s exactly what he’s doing.

“That’s not a partisan attack. It’s true.

“If you doubt that it’s true, watch his performance just over the past week.

“On Thursday, for example, Joe Biden was asked how the United States would respond if the Russian government used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

“Now that’s a hypothetical question.

“Presidents at the podium often get those.

“Presidents rarely respond to hypothetical questions for a very simple reason.

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“They don’t know the circumstances ahead of time, so there’s no reason to risk American prestige or to terrify the rest of the world by saying the wrong thing.

“So, they don’t. Biden had no obligation to answer that question.

“Very few presidents would have answered it, but Biden did answer it, and here’s what he said.

REPORTER: And to clarify on chemical weapons: If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine, would that trigger a military response from NATO?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: It would trigger a response in kind; whether or not you’re asking whether NATO would cross, we’d make that decision at the time.

“So he’s closing his eyes trying to remember what the cue card says. ‘What’s our policy?’

“And when he comes out with is if Russia uses chemical weapons, the U.S. will respond in kind.

“If Russia uses new chemical weapons, the United States will use chemical weapons.

“So, no American president has said anything like that in your lifetime.

“You grew up assuming the United States would never use chemical weapons because the United States is not a rogue state.

“In fact, our role globally is to suppress rogue states.

“They tell us that’s what we’re doing right now and yet in a flash of pique because he couldn’t remember the correct words, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, reversed 100 years of American security policy in the middle of a war.

“This did not escape the attention of his own national security adviser, who instantly responded by restoring the status quo or attempting to, “The United States has no intention of using chemical weapons, period, under any circumstances,” said Jake Sullivan, flatly contradicting his boss.

“No one who works for the president wants to do that, but Jake Sullivan had no choice.

“He works for a man who cannot even pronounce his own vice president’s name consistently and yet is in charge of the United States at the most delicate moment in our lifetimes, but Biden didn’t slow down.

“He kept going,” Carlson noted.

“The next day, his advisers allowed him to fly to Poland to ‘rally the international community in support of Ukraine,’ and while in Poland, Biden met with soldiers from the 82nd airborne.

“They’re currently stationed there.

“As cameras rolled, Joe Biden informed these soldiers that they would soon be sent to Ukraine.

“Hey, Joe Biden, what would be the long-term effect in the United States of what you’re doing? No idea.

“Don’t have to think about the future now, when everything is suddenly at stake.

“There’s never been recklessness at this level in the White House and yes, that includes the last president who was often attacked for being reckless.

“Nothing he said compares to this.

“Fox’s Peter Doocy asked for clarification and response.

“Joe Biden revealed that he is completely unaware that his staff has been continuously updating American policy all week as he changes it on the fly.

“Watch Joe Biden:

PETER DOOCY: Are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN:  What’s getting walked back?

PETER DOOCY: It made it sound like, just in the last couple of days, it sounded like you told U.S. troops they were going to Ukraine. It sounded like you said it was possible the U.S. would use a chemical weapon and it sounded like you were calling for regime change in Russia and we know–

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN:  None of the three occurred.

PETER DOOCY: None of the three occurred?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: None of the three.

PETER DOOCY: Mr. President?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: You interpret the language that way.

“What’s getting walked back?” Carlson asked.

“To be clear, he’s not fit to lead, particularly right now.

“Bernie Sanders scared the hell out of the banks.

“Democratic Party short-circuited his campaign and installed Joe Biden.

“Biden seemed kind of passive for a lot of voters.

“That was a welcome respite from the last president, who seemed kind of loud.

“That’s what actually happened.

“No one anticipated at that moment that we would be on the cusp of a war with a nuclear-armed power in less than two years, but that’s exactly where we are now, and under those circumstances, to have someone who was literally no idea what’s going on doesn’t even know that he’s changing longstanding policies that adults have thought through when he does it.

“Does scary describe that? No, it’s worse.

“The truth is, Joe Biden has no idea.

“Joe Biden has no idea what his publicists say when he goes to sleep, that midway through his answer, Biden starts walking back his own comments.

“He does that just minutes after saying he would never walk back his own comments. ‘None of that occurred,’ Biden said.

“Look, it feels almost like we’re being mean to the guy by quoting him, and no one wants that.

“No one is making fun of his age or his diminished condition, only trying to defend the country.

“Then moments later, Biden declared that no reasonable person would think he wants regime change in Russia.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Because it’s ridiculous. Nobody believes we’re going to take down, I was going, I was talking about taking down Putin. Nobody believes that.

“All right. Joke’s over, too much is at stake.

“If there was ever a time, if there was, in U.S. history, ever a time, to invoke the 25th Amendment, it is now,” Carlson concludes.

“As Joe Biden himself put it, ‘For God’s sakes, this man cannot remain in power,’ for all of our sakes.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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