UCLA ‘Diversity’ Official: White People Should Not Get Day Off on Juneteenth

Johnathan Perkins, a “woke” official at UCLA’s “Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” tweeted on Juneteenth that white people should not get the day off for the national holiday.

Perkins’ lengthy post was loaded with falsehoods and hate-filled racist comments.

“Juneteenth is Black People’s holiday. Respect,” he said on Twitter.

“If white people’s racial ancestors—not necessarily biological or ancestors of your same nationality, but—your RACE, had simply NOT enslaved ours, we’d have no need to celebrate the end of *this* part of your ancestral brutality.

“The people descendent from ancestors kidnapped and brought here as chattel slaves are ALL Black.

“Many of us don’t have the luxury of knowing the particular modern nation our people were stolen from.

“Nationality aside, if you’re white, YOUR ancestors are the reason for this.

“Y’all erased the relevance of nationality when you insisted on race, specifically, whiteness.

“If Black People can’t rely on nationality, neither can you.

“If you’re white, your ancestors did slavery and you still benefit from it today (it’s lowkey what makes them your ancestors).

“To be clear, white people should NOT be awarded the day off for Juneteenth.

“But since ‘equality’ (identical treatment) is a MUCH more easily attainable goal than ‘equity’ (actual fairness), [even racist] white people get the day off, too.

“Critical thinking is key to antiracism.”

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A Twitter user said:

“I’m an ADOS but I take a more chill view.

“Give everyone the day off.

“We all need more time for rest and recuperation in this overworked country.

“Could improve health outcomes across the board.”

He said:

“This isn’t surprising because you value community. Most of us do.

“But white people do not.

“Racist white people treat Juneteenth as a nonsense holiday.”

Meanwhile, CBS News reported that “Shootings on Juneteenth weekend leave at least 12 dead, more than 100 injured.”

And this happened in Los Angeles:

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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