U.K Government Steps In to Block Scotland’s ‘Woke’ Transgender Legislation

The United Kingdom’s government has stepped in to block Scotland from implementing a new “woke” transgender legislation.

The Scottish measure seeks to relax the laws to make it easier for people to pick and choose their gender on official documents.

The legislation would lower the age for people in Scotland to apply to officially alter their designated gender while also removing some of the barriers in the process.

On Monday, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said that the U.K. government has moved to block the passage of the legislation in Scotland.

In an oral statement to parliament published Tuesday, Jack pointed out that the bill would create a new way for someone to apply for “legal gender recognition in Scotland.”

The bill would lower the minimum age a person can apply to get a Gender Recognition Certificate and take away the necessity to get diagnosed medically.

It also removed the requirement for proof that the person has lived “for two years in their acquired gender.”

If passed, the law would allow people to easily switch between genders on official documents, such as driver’s licenses and passports.

Jack said he was creating an order “under section 35 of the Scotland Act 1998 preventing the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill from proceeding to Royal Assent.”

He said the government “believes however that transgender people deserve our respect, our support, and our understanding,” but his choice to make the order “is centered on the legislation’s consequences for the operation of reserved matters, including equality legislation across Scotland, England, and Wales.”

When putting forward the new potential guidelines, the Scottish government said, “We think that trans people should not have to go through a process that can be demeaning, intrusive, distressing and stressful in order to be legally recognized in their lived gender.”

Jack said that the bill would “have a serious adverse impact, among other things, on the operation of the Equality Act 2010.”

The negative aspects, he said, involve how single-sex clubs, schools, and groups work, as well as safeguards like equal pay.

He also said that the government has the same concerns as many other people and organizations over the possible effect of the legislation on women and girls.

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has noted there were “no grounds” for the U.K. government to not allow it to go through, making the argument that it didn’t impact the Equality Act.

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Sturgeon told the BBC that Jack was carrying out a “profound mistake” and claimed that he is starting a “direct attack on the institution of the Scottish Parliament.”

Sturgeon noted that this would “inevitably end up in court” and that the government of Scotland would “vigorously defend this legislation.”

“In doing so we will be vigorously defending something else, and that is the institution of the Scottish Parliament and the ability of MSPs, democratically elected, to legislate in areas of our competence,” Sturgeon said.

“In short, we’ll be defending Scottish democracy.”

The U.K. government has not taken this step ever before since the Scottish Parliament started in 1999.

Advocates for the legislation have failed to note, however, that there are only two genders, and no matter what gender is listed on official documents, a person cannot change their biological sex, no matter how “woke” they are.

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