UN Demands Governments Roll Out Global ‘Digital ID’ to Comply with Agenda 2030

The United Nations (UN) is demanding that governments of sovereign nations around the world begin rolling out mandatory “digital IDs” for the public in order to comply with the unelected globalist organization’s “Agenda 2030.”

The UN Development Agency (UNDP) has published its governance framework for digital public infrastructure.

The organization expects all of its 190+ members, including the United States, to comply with the plan.

In order to push its “digital ID” agenda onto governments, the UN body argues that aligning with the scheme is essential for fighting “climate change.”

The UNDP insists that mandating digital identification for the public is part of the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

In a post on its website last month, the UNDP that the digital ID framework is the UN’s responsive to “requests for institutional support.”

The group claims that forcing the public to require digital ID will make society more “inclusive” and allegedly ensure governments are protecting “human rights.”

The UN has made it clear that pushing the adoption of digital IDs is a key part of its globalist Agenda 2030.

“The importance of legal identity is an integral part of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” the UNDP website states.

The digital ID system is just one part of the UN’s digital public infrastructure (DPI).

The UN has issued a framework for member states to follow that has nine points: “Legal, regulatory frameworks, non-discrimination, access to information, legal accountability, capable institutions, user value, procurement and anti-corruption, and data protections.”

The “Sustainable Development” agenda cited in this case has to do with civil registration which will be logged at the birth of every single person born on the planet.

Moving forward, this registration will be logged digitally and held in a centralized database.

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The UN argues that traditional methods of registering births are no longer “adequate.”

Instead, governments are told to make sure that digital versions are implemented.

These digital systems have “robust” governance in place out of the gate, the UN insists.

The UNDP explains this with the need to make sure that standards and rules, as well as “privacy protocols” are all driving towards a future total digitization of public services.

According to the UN’s framework, UNDP’s ambition is to “centralize” the efforts of hundreds of national governments by providing “a standard model.”

It also claims to aim for “prioritizing individual rights,” human rights, as well as “inclusion.”

The calls come as the UN is increasingly pressuring governments to fall in line with its Agenda 2030.

As Slay News reported earlier, the unelected bureaucrats at the UN are calling for the public to start living in huts made from mud and straw in order to meet the globalist agency’s “Net Zero” goals.

The UN has just released a new report that lays out extreme measures citizens in Western nations will need to endure to comply with the corporate elite’s green agenda.

To meet the target of reaching “zero carbon emissions” before 2050, as dictated by the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the public will need to significantly slash their quality of life and begin to align with the globalist vision of collectivism.

The UN insists that traditionally built homes are no longer acceptable and people will need to start living in huts made from building materials consisting of mud bricks, bamboo, and forest “detritus.”

The UN lays out the plans in a recently published report titled “Building Materials and the Climate: Constructing a New Future.”

Unsurprisingly, the unelected UN demands legislative action in its buildings report and suggests taxpayer money must be used to enforce its green agenda schemes.

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