Unvaxxed Amish Death Rates 90 Times Lower Than Rest of America

A major study into the impact of the pandemic on Amish communities has found that Covid death rates among the traditionalist groups of citizens are 90 times lower than for the rest of America.

The main difference, the study revealed, is that Amish communities completely ignored the guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Amish families did not get vaccinated or wear masks, nor did they engage in lockdowns, social distancing, or any other type of restrictions.

But the separated communities didn’t avoid catching the virus, however, as roughly 90% of the Amish have been infected with Covid.

The study was conducted by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) and specifically focused on Amish people in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Lancaster has the world’s largest single community of Amish people with over 45,000 people.

Speaking to the Pennsylvania State Senate this week, Steve Kirsch, the founder of the VSRF, testified on his study.

Kirsch explained why Amish citizens died at a much lower rate than the rest of the country.

Kirsch first described talking with the family of the lone Amish man in Lancaster County who allegedly died from Covid.

Speaking to the family, Kirsch found out they actually didn’t know if he passed from the virus because the claim was made by the hospital where the man died.

“Maybe he died from the Covid hospital protocols,” Kirsch told the State Senate about the Amish man.

Kirsch said he had heard that five Amish people had died from Covid but he was unable to find any information on them and couldn’t confirm their identities or the deaths.

He said he “did the calculation” based on the assumption that he was able to confirm the identity of five.

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Kirsch said the calculation reveals that the Amish died at a rate “ninety times lower than the infection fatality rate of the United States of America.”

“The Amish died at ninety times lower rate from Covid than the rest of America,” he said again.

He continued by suggesting the reason is that Amish families don’t vaccinate their children.

“And, because the Amish didn’t follow a single guideline of the CDC, they did not lock down, they did not mask, they did not social distance, they did not vaccinate and there were no mandates in the Amish community to get vaccinated.

“They basically ignored every single guideline that the CDC gave us.”


Later, Kirsch also noted that researchers were unable “find an autistic kid who was unvaccinated” in Amish communities.

He added that diseases like ADD, autoimmune disease, PANDAS PANS, or epilepsy basically don’t exist among Amish children.

Kirsch also said the federal government has studied Amish communities for decades without releasing a public report.

He alleged that publishing such information would “be devastating” to the CDC and expose their recommendations as harmful to Americans.


Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also echoed some of Kirsch’s positions on America’s overvaccination of children during a recent town hall event.


Kirsch commented on RFK Jr.’s remarks on Twitter.

“RFK nails it in his response,” Kirsch tweeted.

“He was right about everything he said. Kids who avoid all vaccines are MUCH healthier than kids who are vaccinated.

“I personally know a very large pediatric practice which eschews vaccines and has had ZERO autism for the last 25 years in a row.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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