Vaccine Injuries Soared 800% Among Canadian Military after Covid Shot Rollout

Vaccine injuries soared by a whopping 800% among members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) after the government rolled out Covid mRNA shots, leaked documents have revealed.

The documents, which were obtained by media outlet LifeSiteNews, show only 14 Canadian military members experienced a vaccine injury in 2020.

However, during the first year of the Covid injection rollout, 2021, 128 military personnel were injured by vaccines.

In 2022, the number of those injured by the shots soared to 223.

Notably, the CAF rate of vaccine injuries is higher than the general population of Canada.

“According to the documents, the CAF’s vaccine injury rate is higher than Health Canada’s average,” the report notes.

“Health Canada has recorded a total of 58,712 vaccine injuries from the Covid shots, or one in every 1,789 doses”

“However, the CAF’s 2021 numbers show that 128 out of 162,190, or 1 out of 1,267, doses resulted in an injury.

“In 2022, the number was even higher at 223 out of 63,962 doses, or 1 out of 287 doses.”

The majority of the vaccine injuries were caused by the Moderna mRNA injection.

The injuries reported by the CAF included heart problems, paralysis, and reproductive harm.

The types of injuries have been seen all around the world among the vaxxed, however.

As Slay News reported earlier, a new study found that “unprecedented numbers of global excess deaths have been caused by the injections.

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Top British and American scientists from the University of Liverpool and Harvard University teamed up with researchers in Cyprus to analyze the island nation’s “substantial, statistically significant,” increase in mortality from all causes in late 2021 and early 2022.

The peer-reviewed study was published in the renowned Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health.

Cyprus suffered a huge spike in excess deaths following the full public rollout of the Covid mRNA injections in early 2021.

At the height of the pandemic, nearly 75% of the Cyprus population was deemed vaccinated for Covid.

“We concluded that excess mortality occurs at unprecedented levels in Cyprus,” the researchers warn.

“Our findings raise serious concerns regarding the potential impact of the vaccination campaign and other causes on mortality.”

Across the EU, the authors wrote, excess deaths increased in 2020 and continued through 2023, albeit at variable rates.

Cyprus, they noted, was one of the EU member states with the highest excess mortality.

In 2022, Cyprus had the highest excess mortality rate in Europe, reaching 26.4%.

This was consistent with findings worldwide.

For example, a study found the U.S. experienced substantial excess mortality during the pandemic.

Additionally, the authors’ previously published research showed a substantial increase in mortality in Cyprus in 2021 compared to 2020, even when excluding deaths reported to be caused by COVID-19.

The researchers warn that the data they analyzed for the study highlights “the concerns that the vaccination campaign may have contributed to this worldwide observed excess mortality.”

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