Veteran CBC Journalist Quits, Exposes ‘Propaganda’ Network’s ‘Radical Political Agenda’

A veteran journalist and producer has quit her job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), exposing the network on her way out the door for pushing “propaganda.”

Tara Henley quit her CBC job after witnessing a transformation in the network over the past decade.

After her resignation, Henley decided to blow the whistle on the network’s “radical political agenda.”

Henley wrote a Substack article decrying the lack of interest in real journalism at the network and its choice to prioritize the promotion of leftist propaganda.

CBC too ‘woke’ for journalism

Tara Henley writes that when she started at CBC she tended to be the furthest left person in the room and that, by the time she resigned, she was easily the most conservative.

She claims that her own politics didn’t change. Instead, the Canadian network became infested at every level with the all-consuming “woke“worldview.

That worldview, which originated on American college campuses and spread rapidly through other institutions in the United States, has unfortunately been exported to every country with a close relationship to the US.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is any demand for this kind of journalism amongst the public; in fact, Henley became convinced that it was time to quit when she realized just how out of touch her employers had become.

The former producer says that angry complaints from audiences had begun to pile up as people wrote to ask why Canadian broadcasters were devoting all of their attention to things which have no relevance to the average Canadian.

Issues which actually matter to the Canadian people are of no interest to higher-ups at CBC.

The network is fully aware of this, it just doesn’t much care what the viewers think.

Ignoring the public

There was at least one journalist with a sense of moral obligation left then, but she resigned last month.

Seeing a formerly respectable network transform into a clickbait factory from the inside must be a depressing experience.

Pronoun sharing and anti-white grievance sessions have become the norm at most major institutions in the West, while serious issues which materially affect people go ignored.

Henley points out that corporations discuss microaggressions and pat each other on the back for putting out liberal platitudes while completely ignoring evictions and working conditions.

Rather than keeping the public informed and  facilitating debate on the necessity of lockdowns and mandates on a massive scale in response to Covid, CBC and other networks refused to allow any discussion of the issues.

Billionaires and unelected bureaucrats are amassing unprecedented wealth and power but the mainstream networks prefer to cheer them so long as they’ll discuss pronoun usage and white privilege.

Tara Henley decided that she’d had enough and will be doing her journalistic work independently of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from now on.

It is hard to see how anyone who still takes journalism seriously could do anything else in these circumstances.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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