Video Shows Hamas Attack on Israel Music Festival, Innocent Young People Flee as Terrorists Paraglide in and Open Fire

Videos have emerged on social media that show Hamas terrorists launching a massive surprise attack on a music festival in Israel on Saturday.

The shocking attack resulted in the killing of dozens of innocent young people inside Israel.

Terrorists used paragliders to fly in from above and open fire on innocent families who were attending the festival.

The festival, which was held to promote peace, was in the desert near Kibbutz Re’im, close to the Gaza Strip.

The attack came as the Islamic terror group Hamas launched over 5,000 missiles into southern and central Israel.

It’s estimated that over 700 people have now been killed inside Israel.

Over 1,000 were hospitalized following the massive assault on Israeli soil.

Hundreds of Israelis were attending the music festival, also described as a peace party, in the desert near the border on Saturday when Hamas launched its attack.

Chaos erupted after Hamas reportedly opened fire on the gathering.

Hundreds of Israelis fled the event and ran into the desert to hide.

In some of the videos shared on social media, Hamas terrorists can be seen flying in the sky in the background approaching the concert.

Some videos suggest that the loud music playing at the festival drowned out the sound of the approaching terrorists, giving people less time to escape.

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When Hamas attacked the festival, terrified Israelis ran for their lives out into the desert.

Shooting can be heard in the background as Hamas terrorists scream “Allahu Akbar!” while opening fire on the innocent concertgoers.


Many concertgoers ran into the desert and hid for hours while Hamas murdered, raped, and butchered innocent civilians.

Dozens of people, mostly young women, were kidnapped by the terrorists and are still missing.

Some Israeli partygoers told the BBC about their harrowing escape from the Hamas concert attack.

One woman told the outlet that she was the first one to leave the field where she was hiding and saw many young people murdered on the road.

A male survivor says there were bodies left next to cars after Hamas terrorists pulled people from their vehicles and gunned them down.


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By David Lindfield
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