Videos Show Mobs of African Migrants Armed with Sticks Attacking Police in London

Videos have emerged on social media that show disturbing scenes on the streets of London, UK.

Over the weekend, large mobs of migrants from Eritrea, Africa took to the streets to riot.

On Saturday, large gangs of violent migrants were scene charging and attacking police officers while armed with large sticks.

During one attack in Southwark in London, four police officers were injured after being brutally assaulted by the rioting gangs.


The smacking sounds you hear are of the rioters hitting the police vans.

You can see some of them hitting the vans, and at least some of the cops, with the sticks.

They also picked up a barricade and launched it into the row of officers.

One of the injured officers was taken to hospital following the protests in Southwark.

Police say eight people were arrested for offenses including violent disorder, criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon, and assault.

Officers say the incident occurred after about 50 people gathered for a “protest” outside a private venue on Camberwell Road in Southwark.

“Officers have been working with a group of people who organized an event at a private venue in Camberwell Road,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

“Those arrested were part of a group of demonstrators who gathered outside the venue.”

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A dispersal order has been introduced in the area of Camberwell Road, according to the force.

The power allows officers to exclude a person from the area.

The order remained in place until 7 am on New Year’s Eve.

“All involved in the demonstration have been dispersed,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

“A significant number of officers remain in the area, and a Section 35 remains in place which gives officers the power to disperse any further gathering which they believe could lead to anti-social behavior.”

Police say the officer who was taken to hospital has since been discharged by medics.

The police said the riot was “related to tensions among the Eritrean community,” and that there was a meeting of members of the government at that location and the rioters showed up in response.

There have been other violent riots related to Eritrean fighting in Tel Aviv and Germany.

26 were injured during Eritrean violence in Germany in September and over 100 in Israel in July.

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By David Lindfield
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