Soros-Funded Democrat DA Comes Clean, Exposes ‘Woke’ Policies: ‘Violence Is Beyond Control’

Albany County District Attorney David Soares, who was installed by George Soros, has spoken out to expose the “woke” Democrat policies that are causing violent crime to soar in cities across America.

The soft-on-crime policies have been a disaster.

Under the guise of “reform,” the policies have seen violent criminals released back onto the streets, often setting them up to commit more crimes.

DA Soares, whose campaign was funded by radical billionaire Soros, is warning that policies such as “bail reform” and “Raise the Age” are causing violent crime to soar rather than creating a police-free utopia that the “woke” Left promised voters.

According to Soares, “violence is beyond control” now thanks to the soft policies.

“No meaningful legislative action has been taken to address bail reform, and Raise the Age, which have demonstrably impacted violent crime in our most vulnerable neighborhoods,” Soares said.

“At what number will the body count be enough to prompt action?

“Our state Legislature and executive branch can act in times of crisis, but only does so selectively.

“They demonstrated this by returning to the Capitol and enacting swift change following the racist mass shooting in Buffalo.

“Two shootings that could qualify as mass shooting events took place in Albany in August, both with Raise the Age implications.

“No legislative action was taken,” Soares said.

“For the third year in a row, Albany’s homicide count is in the double digits, with about three months left in the year.

“Black lives cannot only matter when the bullet is discharged from the barrel of a gun coming from a police officer,” he added.

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“Black lives must matter regardless of where those bullets are coming from.”

“Violence, as it’s happening today in Albany, in the state’s capital, is beyond control,” Soares declared.


According to The New York Post:

Certainly Albany County District Attorney David Soares — a one-time disciple of civic disrupter George Soros — is not immune.

The fellow has had an epiphany, and good for him. There have been at least 13 gun homicides in New York’s capital city this year — two just this past week — and roughly 80 shootings.

Adjusted for population, this would approximate 1,100 homicides in New York City, and 6,800 shootings — stats sure to grab any honest man’s attention.

Soares appears to be that honest man — though it’s been a journey.

He upset a hard-line incumbent DA in 2004, largely on the strength of focused opposition to New York’s then-no-nonsense, yet relatively effective, drug laws.

But he also had critical financial support from billionaire Soros — the latter then just kicking off his effort to turn America’s cities into crime-wracked social swamps.

But as Soros’ scheme proceeded — Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is merely his latest trophy, to the borough’s eventual grief — Soares has been moving in the other direction.

He was an early, unashamed critic of New York’s sharp shift left on crime — opposing bail “reform,” raising the age of criminal responsibility, and penal code revisions designed to hobble prosecutors.

These, Soares reasoned, would lead directly to blood-stained streets.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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