Washington D.C Smashes Homicide Records under Biden-Appointed U.S Attorney

Homicide rates have soared to record highs in Democrat-controlled Washington D.C., according to reports.

As President Donald Trump has repeatedly pointed out, D.C. is an increasingly deadly and crime-ridden cesspool.

The dangerously high level of violence is disturbing and unbecoming of the city that plays host to the federal district that serves as the nation’s political capital.

Now, amid surging crime rates and record-setting homicide numbers this year, some are placing a share of the blame squarely on the top federal law enforcement official in D.C.

According to Breitbart, violent crime levels have spiked to historic highs under Democrat President Joe Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves.

Statistics show that a substantial portion of crime in D.C. goes unpunished, including many major and violent crimes.

On the flip side, meanwhile, the top federal prosecutor in D.C. has seemingly been singularly focused on continuing to go after conservatives who participated to any extent in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021.

In July 2021, Biden appointed Graves to be the U.S. Attorney for D.C.

Biden described Graves, among other appointees, as being “chosen for their devotion to enforcing the law, their professionalism, their experience and credentials in this field, their dedication to pursuing equal justice for all, and their commitment to the independence of the Department of Justice.”

Notably, Graves had previously served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in D.C. during the Obama administration, where he rose to become the acting director of that office’s Fraud and Public Corruption Section.

However, just two years after Graves assumed the post as the top prosecutor in D.C., Breitbart noted that crime has surged and criminals are running rampant.

Only around 56% of those arrested in the district this year have actually faced prosecution.

Meanwhile, compared to last year, homicides are up by around one-third, robberies have increased by nearly two-thirds, and motor vehicle thefts have nearly doubled.

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More than 760 carjackings were reported through October alone.

Nearly two-thirds of those arrested — but not prosecuted — for carjackings were juveniles.

On Monday, WUSA reported that D.C. suffered its 248th homicide of the year.

The outlet tied the previous record set for annual homicides in 2003 with still more than a month to go before this particularly deadly year is finished.

Astonishingly, just a little more than a month earlier, D.C.’s NBC4 affiliate reported on the record-setting pace of homicides in the district and pointed out that nearly 70% of them remained unsolved — and, obviously, unprosecuted.

Yet, interestingly enough, as homicides have surged in D.C. this year, The Messenger reported in October that other major cities that had seen similar spikes in the murder rate in recent years have actually observed a reduction in homicides this year as compared to last, oftentimes by double-digit percentages.

No one can say for sure exactly why homicides have soared to a record level in D.C. this year.

However, one possible explanation, at least with regard to U.S. Attorney Graves, is that he has been all but obsessively focused on Jan. 6 prosecutions instead of other crimes that have occurred in the district since that singular disruptive event nearly three years ago.

In fact, according to the Daily Caller in March, Graves alerted the federal judges in D.C. that they should expect around 1,000 more new Jan. 6 cases over the course of the year.

Jan. 6 cases have clogged up the court’s dockets and required an inordinate expenditure of time, resources, and personnel by Graves’ office.

Of course, Graves himself would dispute that his focus on Jan. 6 cases has anything to do with the rising crime and homicide rates in D.C.

He even insisted in an October interview with NBC4 that the numbers on non-prosecutions were overblown by his critics and that prosecutions were actually up in comparison to 2022.

He further offered up a variety of excuses for why so many cases still went unprosecuted — mostly shifting the blame to the local police and uncooperative victims and witnesses — but the reality is that the buck stops with him in terms of D.C. crime, and his tenure thus far has been a grotesquely bloody and politicized failure.

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