John Durham Humiliates Jerry Nadler and Hank Johnson during Contentious Hearing

Special Counsel John Durham shut down Jerry Nadler after the Democrat congressman made a desperate attempt to cover for Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey.

Durham humiliated Nadler, Adam Schiff, Hank Johnson, and other Democrat lawmakers by setting them straight throughout a contentious hearing.

At one point, Durham said: “Our findings were sobering.

“Anybody who actually reads the report would find that the problems identified in the report are not susceptible to overnight fixes.

“What is required is accountability.

“Significant red flags were ignored by the FBI.

“My concern about my reputation is with the people who I respect, and my family, and my Lord, and I’m perfectly comfortable with my reputation with them, sir.”

Nadler tried to catch Durham out but was vastly outwitted and swiftly shut down.

Nadler said:

“Your investigation cost more than $6.5 million, involved the work of dozens of FBI employees and federal prosecutors, some of whom resigned in protest, and took roughly four years to complete.

“Is that correct?”

Special Counsel Durham: “No”

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“I have had any number of FBI agents who I’ve worked with over the years — some of them are retired, some of them are still in place — who’ve come to me and apologized for the banner in which [the Russian collusion probe] was undertaken.”

Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA): “Your investigation … couldn’t even indict Hunter Biden?”

Special Counsel Durham: “We didn’t investigate Mr. Hunter Biden”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley observed the hearing and gave his expert feedback on the proceedings.

“Durham just shut down the Democratic members who repeatedly accused him of learning of evidence against Trump in Italy and taking no steps to investigate,” Turley said.

“He said that they did investigate those claims and ‘it came to nothing.’

“Nadler and others made the allegation.

“Now Schiff is accusing Durham of violating rules in discussing the investigation publicly.

“This is the same Schiff who assured the public that he had evidence of Russian collusion and then never shared it.

“Schiff accused Durham of acting ‘inappropriately’ in responding to the Inspector General report but ‘Durham noted that he was asked, with others, to review and critique the report.’

“Durham just said that, when he showed a key agent the information withheld from him in Crossfire Hurricane, he said that agent became emotional and left the room.

“He described him as upset by what the director and others held back from them.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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