Watchdog Obtains Documents Revealing Hunter Biden’s Secret Service Suspension in 2016

A Washington D.C. watchdog group has obtained sealed documents that reveal Hunter Biden’s Secret Service detail was suspended in 2016 while his father was still serving as vice president.

The documents have raised new questions about how and why Democrat President Joe Biden’s son was able to make a foreign trip without his Secret Service detail.

The information was obtained by the watchdog organization Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), according to Just The News.

Emails that were obtained by Judicial Watch have brought to light the temporary suspension of the security provided by the Secret Service to the first son, Hunter Biden, during his trip to Kosovo in 2016.

At the time, Joe Biden was serving as Obama’s vice president.

The first family’s usage of federal resources has come into question since President Biden has again found a place in the Oval Office.

Questions came to the surface, particularly focused on Hunter Biden after the first son’s laptop was reported on by journalists’ uncovering a number of potential crimes along with a large volume of evidence of unethical activity.

During Tuesday’s edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said:

“Joe was communicating with the president of Ukraine at the time.

“Hunter was briefed on it or received details about the fact he was going to be briefed on it and the details of the call.

“Why on earth was Hunter Biden getting that type of information?

“And again, it further undermines the … claim that Joe and Hunter weren’t communicating about Ukraine.”

The attorney continued, saying “Secondly, the more interesting issue is why wasn’t Hunter given Secret Service protection while they were over in Kosovo?”

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“That was a big trip for the … Biden family because there was an event where Beau Biden, who had just died, was being given some type of monument in Kosovo.

“So the whole family was there.

“So why wasn’t a Hunter getting Secret Service protection?”

Following the acquisition of 426 pages of documents by Judicial Watch last week, it was discovered that Vice President Biden had authorized the termination of Secret Service protection for Hunter Biden and Natalie Biden, the daughter of Joe Biden’s late son Beau Biden, in August of 2016.

The Secret Service was dropped for Hunter and Natalie Biden when the family was traveling to Kosovo.

During the period that Biden was serving as vice president, Fitton explained that other emails revealed that members of Biden’s family accompanied him on business trips.

“These are 210 emails from Joe Biden from his days as vice president to members of his family,” he said.

“It shows that they were closely working with him on political and government matters.”

The documents that the watchdog was able to acquire demonstrate that President Biden and members of his family reportedly used private emails to discuss meetings with the government.

Currently, the White House has not responded to the document release.

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