WEF Adviser Calls for Elections to Be Scrapped: ‘Bad for Democracy’

A top World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser has called for an end to elections, arguing that they “are bad for democracy.”

WEF “agenda contributor” Adam Grant, who also serves as a senior adviser to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, insists that “eliminating elections altogether” would ensure that governments and public offices have “more integrity.”

The comments from Grant, who is also a senior adviser to the Department of Defense and Google, come amid concerns that Democrat President Joe Biden is preparing to enforce new Covid restrictions and even “climate lockdowns.”

If Biden were to declare a climate or Covid “emergency,” he would be awarded sweeping new powers to enforce restrictions that could disrupt the critical 2024 election.

In an article for the New York Times, Grant suggests that the taxpaying public cannot be trusted to vote and argues that elections should be scrapped.

Per the article:

Officials have been working hard to safeguard elections and assure citizens of their integrity.

But if we want public office to have integrity, we might be better off eliminating elections altogether. [emphasis added]

If you think that sounds anti-democratic, think again.

The ancient Greeks invented democracy, and in Athens many government officials were selected through sortition — a random lottery from a pool of candidates.

In the United States, we already use a version of a lottery to select jurors.

What if we did the same with mayors, governors, legislators, justices and even presidents?

To replace the current election system, Grant advocates for “randomly selecting” officials from a “pool of candidates.”

Globalist WEF official Grant is vague on the details regarding who forms the “pool” and how they are admitted, however.

Nevertheless, the pool would be formed by the no-longer-elected “guardians of our democracy.”

Only the people deemed acceptable to these all-powerful unelected bureaucrats would be allowed to be randomly selected.

Indeed, Grant explains that those seeking to enter the “pool” would need to be vetted:

In America, imagine that anyone who wants to enter the pool has to pass a civics test — the same standard as immigrants applying for citizenship.

According to Grant, however, the plan isn’t just about “saving democracy.”

He explains that ending elections could save taxpayers billions.

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“Switching to sortition would save a lot of money too,” he attests.

“The 2020 elections alone cost upward of $14 billion.

“And if there’s no campaign, there are no special interests offering to help pay for it.”

Grant’s calls for scrapping elections are not new, however.

WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab has previously pushed for an end to the public’s voting power.

During the WEF’s annual gathering in 2017, Schwab discussed the idea of using a “prescriptive mode” to form the will of the electorate.

According to Schwab, his plan would mean society would do without elections.


The WEF views political systems with competing political parties as “toxic.”

The globalist organization often discusses “detoxifying politics” and calls for ending political party competition.

Another organization forming the WEF’s agenda, “Well-being Alliance,” also suggests going away from “party politics.”

The “Well-being” agenda is already being implemented in eight countries around the world.

According to this agenda, the future is “free of party politics,” with “detoxified” discourse and leaders selected from a pool of WEF-approved candidates.

The discourse will be free of undesirable “misinformation,” even if the unwanted information is true.

The general population does not deserve a voice because members of the public are considered “toxic” and far too incompetent to select our future glorious leaders.

The WEF knows best: “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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